Need help selecting show for senior group

Hello. I own a travel company in Wisconsin. We are bringing a group of seniors to NYC for a tour at the end October. The group is (was) seeing two shows: Once and Newsies.

I am looking for a suggested replacement for Newsies. As it's seniors, I want to find a show with little profanity, and a fairly clean story line--as we had found with Newsies. Prefer, although not mandatory, to not visit a long running show such as Lion King or Mama Mia since some may have already seen.

Appreciate any suggestions. Thanks in advance for the help.
I haven't seen this show yet but I think Beautiful: The Carole King Musical would be a great choice, since the music is from the 60's. I don't think, as far as I know, that is has any kind of profanity in it. Aladdin might also be a good choice, since it is a Disney show and you were going to see Newsies.
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If you believe some of the speculation on here, you may be looking for two shows.

Beautiful would seem to be good for that age group, since they likely grew up on Carole King music and that whole time period.

A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder is a fun time and won the Tony for Best Musical.

If/Then has a great cast and music and examines how small moments can affect your life in big ways.

Cabaret is just phenomenal and I can't imagine anyone complaining if they saw Alan Cumming do this role before. Les Miz and Pippin are two other solid revivals.

The Last Ship is the new musical from Sting that should be open by then, which is in previews in Chicago now. You might want to look and read upon how it is being received out of town.
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Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, Kinky Boots, and Gentleman's Guide would all be good choices.

I would consider picking two new shows. Once might not make it to October.
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Definitely Beautiful: The Carole King Musical, it's perfect for a senior group. My grandparents loved it and the music is fantastic.
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Beautiful would be a good choice.
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I think Les Miserables, Beautiful, or Motown are considerable choices.
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I can go ahead and say that CABARET and KINKY BOOTS are terrible choices, if only for themes that seniors may not enjoy. BEAUTIFUL is probably a must and I can also recommend GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE and CURIOUS INCIDENT
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All: I really appreciate your suggestions and ideas (although, not the hint that Once may shutdown--I wasn't asking for that unsolicited information )

I am reviewing each idea, and we will decide soon. Again, thank you for taking the time to respond.
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The old folks were rocking in the aisles at Beautiful. Great show!
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How senior are the seniors?
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Yes how senior? And how theater savvy is the group as a whole??

But yes Beautiful was my first thought, Gentleman's guide or even Aladdin.. very fun.

And though I am one of Kinky Boots biggest supporters, perhaps not a good choice as noted in what you were looking for. They might love it but it's a little less obvious a choice.

Our average age is 65, but some as old as 80. From Milwaukee area, most have not been regulars on the theater circuit--might have been to New York once for a show, and also have taken in some of the traveling shows (ala Lion King, Phantom, Mama Mia, Jersey Boys) in Milwaukee.

By the way--for those of you from New York--I absolutely love New York City!
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I agree that Cabaret and Kinky Boots may not be appropriate for all, depending on how conservative they are. (I loved both shows myself.)

I also agree you can't go wrong with Beautiful, Motown, or Gentleman's Guide. I have tickets to Curious Incident, but it hasn't opened yet, and it's a play, not a musical. Advance word from London suggests it will be a hit, though.

Pippin is fun, with spectacular effects. It's sexy, but not in a prurient way. I think it's pretty non offensive.

Also, On the Town promises to be a crowd-pleaser. It's a transfer from Barrington Stages with quite a few of the same cast members. So even though this hasn't opened yet either, your chances of seeing an excellent show are very good. (I'm definitely buying tickets for this one.) Also, the theater for this show is a huge one, so everyone is thinking that tickets will not be hard to come by.

You're very smart to have asked this group. They are savvy theater people.

You have some good choices! Enjoy your trip!

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I'd certainly include Pippin long before I'd consider Motown. It's fun, visually exciting and a much easier ticket than some of the other choices mentioned though I'm not saying they aren't good choices.
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Les Mis and Gentleman's Guide
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I took my Father, at the age of 78 to Cabaret during the last revival. He was blown away! "This is HISTORY BOY!" he kept on saying as we left the theatre. He was one who was not into musicals at all!

And PLEASE, do not equate being a senior with being shocked at sexually evocative song and dance numbers. I am sure many of those seniors had many sexually evocative songs and dances of their own!
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Yes, but the OP is talking about bringing a group of seniors, not one senior, to see two shows.

Edited to add: I think that when you are in charge of a group, you need to make sure that all of them (or at least the majority) will enjoy the show. It's great that there are plenty of choices on Broadway now and in the near future that will entertain without being totally middle of the road.

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Thanks again, everyone. Snafu, in regard to the seniors, the group originated as a church group. Some additions, but still...just would rather play it on the safe side than deal with some being offended.

Lots of good feedback.
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I would second the suggestion for Aladdin - lots of great dancing and singing, and non-offensive as far as i can tell. I agree that If/Then is a great show, but it definitely has profanity, so if avoiding profanity is a criterion, maybe that wouldn't be a great choice for this particular group.