New Lin Manuel Miranda Musical on iTunes

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Lin Manuel Miranda's new mini-musical with Lindsay Mendez and Anthony Ramos Martinez is now available on iTunes as an EP. I'm listening now and it's pretty good. Definitely worth a listen.

iTunes Link
Updated On: 6/23/14 at 02:15 PM
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I really enjoyed that.

Definitely recommended.

Thanks for the heads up mschwager. I hadn't seen anything about this.

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So, if I already grabbed the This American Life podcast (for free), wouldn't this be the same thing? I didn't listen to it yet.
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I heard the musical on the podcast, it's a pretty good re-telling of a great story (HS boy asks transfer student out to prom and she secretly is an undercover cop working a drug bust.) The musical actually managed to bring out some three-dimensionality to the story that hadn't resonated with me when I first heard it back in 2011. And Lin's use of verbatim quotes really makes the piece a unique little showcase.

I believe iTunes has a studio recording that they made after the live show at BAM earlier this month.

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The EP lasts only 14 minutes and yet it feels like it is a complete one-act.

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There's also the option to buy a video of the full This American Life event for $5. I watched it earlier and love how the show was staged!

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