NY Times: Tony for Best Musical Is Nice, but a Profitable Hit Is Better

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Thanks for the link. That was my initial reaction when I saw GG- it is a perfect show for the matinee ladies. I didn't care for it and I think after the initial boost, they will have a hard time selling out. It is a small musical charging mega musical prices and I think people will resent that if they pay premium for it. The article was kind to Rocky, which has lost a few more million on top of it's initial investment. The future looks bleak for it despite SE's deep pockets. Must be hard for the cast to play to 900 people a night in that big theater. What if they get people to come up to the bleachers for the fight and there's no one left in the audience?
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Great article. I hope it works!
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Sounds like sour grapes because the musical the New York Times backed to win beautiful didn't win.

The Tony awrd should go to the best musical, not the musical that could make the most money, or what musical will sell most seats on tour, so this win is correct.
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Really? Where did you get "sour grapes" from anywhere in that piece? It's an objective read with a focus on the harsh reality of advertising, economics, and so on. Maybe you're just projecting that...
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It's a very good...well written article. When I have listened to some of the show's selections's on Sirius XM on Broadway, "Gentleman's" does come across as operetta-ish. I like it myself, but possibly an acquired taste for others. Still, best of luck to all the shows mentioned in the article.
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No sour grapes there as far as I can see, either. Just an informative article. Where do you possibly see any sort of sour grapes?
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I saw it as an interesting take on the difficulties of marketing a quality musical to contemporary audiences in NY with a unique title, a classic Broadway score, and without a star. I was surprised the article didn't mention their Tony number as I thought it was by far the best number of the evening, it made me want to see the show so badly, and it made me immediately get the cast album on Spotify (can't stop listening to it now). I really do hope they are able to advertise it successfully after the Tony win, it reminds me of GREY GARDENS, another great musical that was very hard to advertise. Let's hope GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE has better luck, I feel with this Tony win and the quality of the show, it will..
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"it reminds me of GREY GARDENS, another great musical that was very hard to advertise. Let's hope GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE has better luck, I feel with this Tony win and the quality of the show, it will.."

They both also played at the Walter Kerr Theater...
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Thanks for posting, jacobsnchz14. A really interesting read. Enjoyed getting that peek behind the curtain. I had certainly noticed a sudden and dramatic increase of GG advertising during Tony season. I was wondering how such a relatively little show seemed to be, at times, outspending much bigger shows. Interesting to learn that holding onto that advertising fund in reserve was a strategic move all along.

The white women in their 50s-60s demo sounds about right, but hopefully they can expand beyond those limits. This show bored me to tears, but even I find myself rooting for it to succeed. Everyone loves a good underdog story, I suppose.
That was an article that clarified a lot. All the best to Gentleman's Guide, really, but I'm glad the article mentioned the largest audience it appeals to, because I listened to the soundtrack and only liked one song, "Lady Hyacinth Abroad" and wondered why I didn't like the rest of the songs or the Tony Awards excerpt. I thought maybe I just didn't have good taste (which is probably true, too), but then it seems there's a cultural barrier there.
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"The white women in their 50-60's..."
White women in that age group grew up on rock music, Allman Brothers, Patti Smith, etc. They were probably bored too.
Sam Horowitzery interesting article.
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Good piece! White women in their 50s and 60s are entitled to a multiple orgasm for $250, never mind a night at the theatre.
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I think, given the design, it will be tough on tour. It'll be hard to makeout a lot of what's happening when you're in a 3,000 seat house.