Where to sit at Lady Day?

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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 01:39am
Are the seats near the aisle along the stage wall bad? Are you looking at her back all the time?
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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 01:45am
She moves around quite a bit so you wouldn't be looking at her back ALL the time, but I wouldn't recommend them.
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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 01:51am
I was very skeptical about those seats as well so I bought seats more toward the curve of the seating and I wasn't disappointed. But I made sure to check out those seats as well and they seemed to have a perfectly fine view.
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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 02:25am
I saw this a couple of weeks ago via TKTS and had ROW F SEAT 239 - so about 6 seats or so from the stage wall aisle. I grumbled thinking I'd be too far off to the side but was pleasantly surprised - note I had a profile view of Audra for moments she was singing into the mic, but will piggyback on fyeahmaria's note about her moving around quite a bit and definitely being able to see her from all angels.

I can't speak for the aisle seat itself with certainty, but I recall thinking after the show that I wouldn't have wanted to be any closer to the aisle as I felt you would no longer be viewing her from profile view but more of a rear diagonal sightline. I also don't think you'd be able to see the moments where VERY MINOR SPOILER ** the back of the stage lights up behind a scrim to reveal artifacts and portraits of loved ones that complement some storyline/song moments.
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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 08:16pm
We sat at one of the tables and it was an experience I'll never forget. Audra... Ahem, Billie Holiday kept coming over and resting her hand on my BF's shoulder. She was talking right to us. I was nearly in tears, I love her so. It was just so unlike any theatre experience I've ever had and I I sat at a table at Cabaret back in the day. If you can get a table, I'd recommend it. I don't think I would have enjoyed the show as much otherwise.
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Reginald Tresilian
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Where to sit at Lady Day?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 10:50pm
I honestly don't think there's a bad seat in the house. It's surprising how fully the entire playing area is used, and she plays a lot of practically in the middle of the house.

I'm sure everyone gets a different experience depending on the vantage point. But I can't imagine anyone being disappointed.