What to do?

What to do?
Posted: 6/12/14 at 08:57pm
Hello folks, it's your correspondent from Down Under again. Really looking forward to a week in NYC in mid-January and to seeing both Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper in their respective plays. So now I want to book a couple of musicals. Now please understand that I really don't know the way things work so I would be grateful if you wouldn't dismiss this post as dumb (as someone did regarding my previous question about a show possibly being extended!)
Anyway, I see that I can get tickets for On The Town already - but should I? Or should I wait until the reviews are out? Your advice would be appreciated.
I also see that some shows have tickets for sale through to January but January 4 seems to be the magic end date. What's up with that?
Is Hedwig likely to go beyond October even without a recognized star?
I know I can tickets for Wicked, Phantom etc but we get that sort of show down here so they're not really under consideration.
I'm hoping for a revival and something new.

Thanks guys - really appreciate your help.
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What to do?
Posted: 6/12/14 at 10:06pm
The 6 weeks from Thanksgiving (near the end of November) through New Year's is a very busy time for b'way shows. If a show has a weak advance, the first weekend in Jan is a very common closing date. Hard to say when that will really depends on the show.

Always hard to plan THIS far away. Even a show that is doing well NOW, might plummet in the fall and there fore not make it to the winter.

Shows I'd recommend: Gentleman's Guide (new), Pippin (revival)

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What to do?
Posted: 6/12/14 at 10:16pm
Thanks dramamama611, that's helpful. I guess the message is, be patient. And thanks for the recommendations.
What to do?
Posted: 6/13/14 at 09:43am
On the Town is in a cavernous house and not sure how it will play there. Better to see The Elephant Man and perhaps the new Sting musical The Last Ship.

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