Beautiful the musical mezz seating and Motown mid mezz seating

Are the views from the seats for Beautiful in the last few rows of the mezzanine bad? I really want to see this show but the seating choices seem so limited. Also, it looks like the seats for Motown when I want to go are mostly in the first couple of rows of the mid mezz. Are those ok? Thanks in advance for your help. Love seeing shows when I can make it up to the city but always try to work within a budget and it blows my mind how much some premium ticket prices are going for!!
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All seats at the Sondheim have great sight lines, as the theater was designed with that in mind. I sat in the second to last row of the mezzanine for Anything Goes and its was a great view.
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For BEAUTIFUL - I bought discount code tickets for row EE seats 2-4 because I knew that the rush was super unlikely and didn't know about standing room (but wouldn't have wanted to do that anyway). The view was great! It's a good mezz.

For MOTOWN, the front of the Lunt's mezz hangs so close to the stage that the mezz has some great seats and views. I didn't sit up here for that show, but I have for others and they were great seats.

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