Kate Baldwin and Jason Danieley Will Lead Broadway-Bound Can-Can Revival at Paper Mill

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Didn't even know this was in the works for Broadway.
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Kate Baldwin is a beautiful, extremely talented Actress/Singer, but it does seem this part needs more of an exotique type. It will be a challenge for her and I want to believe she will be up to it.
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Didn't Megan Hilty participate in a workshop before she got pregnant? She seems like brilliant casting; sexy, sultry, brassy. She always nails those tough exterior, fragile at their core types. Alas, she had to go and have a personal life. The nerve of some people, getting knocked up when I've dreamcast them in a show!

IMO Kate Baldwin reads too refined or wholesome and at 43 she's well past the age of 28 at which Lilo played the part. But I admit I'm not terribly familiar with the book just the score and basic plot/characters. And who knows? The substantial revisions could address the age discrepancy. I like Baldwin so I hope that she surprises me.
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Kate Baldwin is not 43 she just turned 39 on May 2nd. I'm just excited for a revival of this show and I think Kate is very talented and hopefully can dance and shake herself loose for this role.
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Sorry!!! I was on a site that had her birthday listed as 1971. But I see on 2 other sources it's '75.

As I said, I'm not rooting against her. I believe she certainly is talented. I think some people, perhaps wrongly, see Kate as more of your old school ingenue. I hope this role will allow her to show off a more saucy, cheeky side.
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I LOVE Kate Baldwin and I'm excited to see what she can do with this!
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And I love Jason Danieley, so am very happy to hear this news.
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Kate Baldwin is fantastic and I can't wait to hear her sing this score. And wear gorgeous period dresses.
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It will interesting to see who gets cast as Claudine -- the role that made Gwen Verdon famous -- who has the lion's share of the dancing, assuming they stick with the original script.

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