Pippen cast

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Pippin cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 08:25pm
Finally going to see Pippin on Wednesday night for an Actor's Fund performance. How is the recent cast gelling?

Updated On: 6/2/14 at 08:25 PM
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 08:57pm
I saw them about 6 weeks ago, so the LP and Pippin were pretty new -- and I thought they were mostly pretty terrific then. Enjoy.
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 09:08pm
Does the New LP do the trapeze?
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 09:14pm
Yes ciara does the trapeze and is really good at it!! Enjoy I'm sure Rachel and Annie will blow the audience away as well as ciara and kyle and Terrence and Charlotte got funnier!!!!!
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 10:02pm
Just give the world Love.
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/2/14 at 11:19pm
I don't like the new cast. I saw the original cast, let's just say a lot and will not go back until there is another major change.
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/3/14 at 12:05am
ethan231h, I think you misinterpreted Terrence and Charlotte's acting getting "funnier" as phoning it in as much as possible because they are OVER it.
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/3/14 at 12:13am
The last time I saw them they seemed to still be having fun- especially Terrence. I saw the show last right before patina and Matthew left.
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Pippen cast
Posted: 6/3/14 at 11:17am
When I saw it, about 2 weeks before Patina and Matthew left, Charlotte and Terrence were on their game. I'd imagine both will depart permanently soon, at which point it will be interesting to see an almost entirely new cast. (Amy Spanger would be a hilarious Fastrada... or Catherine, just sayin')
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