TITANIC Postponed

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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 12:10pm
For Immediate Release: May 21, 2014

Producers David Mirvish and Barry & Fran Weissler are postponing their planned new production of the Tony Award-winning musical TITANIC.

Originally announced to have a Toronto run July and August 2014 and then to transfer to Broadway immediately afterwards, this new production's schedule has had to change due to the lack of availability of an appropriate Broadway theatre for the show in the 2014-15 season.

The producers are still committed to the project when a Broadway house becomes available in the future.

Details of a replacement show in the Mirvish 2014-15 subscription main season, in which TITANIC was announced as one of seven shows, will be made soon.
Alan Henry
Senior Editor, BWW Toronto

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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 12:12pm
Ha! When this was first announced, I made a bad joke that we shouldn't celebrate just yet, as Titanic has a poor track record of making it to North America. turns out I was right, heh.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 12:51pm
Thanks for the info bwayto.
....but the world goes 'round
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 01:18pm
Sadly for once I actually buy the "there are no appropriate theaters" excuse for once. They probably want a 800-11000 seat house which include the:
All of which are/should be available come Fall. I think they probably don't want a balcony since what they are selling in an "intimate" titanic, aka no sinkage, and I know if I am sitting in a balcony I'd want to see that ship sink. That then leaves:
The Schoenfeld will likley be taken by You Can't Take it With You with James Earl Jones, and the Shubert Organization is likely holding onto the Booth for some star lead revival.
Their original choices for theaters were likly the Brooks and Kerr, (Yes the Kerr has a balcony, but its two rows of 67 seats that can easily be sold as rush/student tickets.) and didn't think After Midnight or Gentleman's Guide would make it through their first.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 01:39pm
I still wonder if Dames at Sea might take the Booth.
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Chorus Member
TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 01:53pm
Its not a lack of a theatre...they're having money problems...
Blethering Scot
TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 02:03pm
There is a lack theatres at the moment that are suitable so none the less the statement id accurate.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 04:28pm
The oldest, lamest excuse....yeah and the dog ate my homework. Lots of available theaters come September.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 04:34pm
The Booth is taken but not by Dames at Sea. Someone should take the Schoenfeld, if they haven't already.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 04:39pm
Neon, in this world, you don't take a theatre; one has to be given to you. That said, the excuse for postponement is indeed BS.
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 06:23pm
If they're having second thoughts about staging a mini Titanic on Broadway, they should be.
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Mr Roxy
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 06:40pm
The original Titanic sunk & never made NY

The Broadway production made the ship unsinkable as they could not get it to sink

This new production never made it also. I doubt it will come here. Even though it won the Tony, the show lost money so why bankroll another Titanic which probably will not make money either.

How about combining both shows: Dame At Sea On The Titanic ?
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TITANIC Postponed
Posted: 5/21/14 at 09:33pm
Yes, they are certainly having money problems. They announced this revival before even a small number of investors were in place. Very silly on their part. I predict that this production never comes to Broadway, unfortunately. The score is one of my favorites.

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