Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?

Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/19/14 at 10:42pm
I'm coming to NYC next month, and I only have time to see one show while I'm there. I loooved Next to Normal, so If/Then seemed like the obvious choice. But then I'm a huge Sutton Foster fan and have never seen her live, and I've also heard such incredible things about NPH and Hedwig. If you could only see one show, would you choose If/Then, Hedwig, or Violet?
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/19/14 at 10:51pm
If you love N2N then don't see IF/THEN. You'll be severely disappointed. If money is no object then I'd go with HEDWIG.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/19/14 at 11:25pm
"Hedwig" and "Violet" are both excellent theatrical experiences. "Hedwig" is only an option, however, if you have either a lot of money or a lot of time. If you do have the means to make a choice, consider whether you'd prefer a rock score (a excellent one) or a whimsical, sweet one. Both shows are fantastic: make your choice based on the kind of show/score you tend to connect with more.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/19/14 at 11:37pm
I'm going to express my very unpopular opinion here and suggest If/Then. I haven't seen Violet, so I can't speak to how worth seeing it is, but I personally felt Hedwig has been severely over-hyped. Sure, NPH is great and the sets and lighting are cool, but I personally found that the musical was really underwhelming.

If/Then, while not a masterpiece, was very engaging and heartfelt and original, and had an awesome cast. The music isn't as good as Next to Normal, but it has a similar style, and I think the score works well.

Both are definitely worth seeing, but if you have to pick one, I say pick If/Then.

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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/19/14 at 11:40pm
HEDWIG may have been overhyped (I might agree with that assessment... I greatly enjoyed it but it isn't the greatest thing out right now) but it's still miles better than IF/THEN, which isn't even a hot mess. Just a mess.

VIOLET would be my recommendation, unless the music or story of HEDWIG resonate enough within you to splurge on the ticket prices if you can. That's the biggest factor, honestly. But VIOLET was my favorite of the three.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 03:02am
You must see Hedwig. You must, you must!
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 05:22am
Seen all three, Hedwig twice. Go to Hedwig. Violet is fun and a very touching story.
If/Then is one of the worst shows I have ever seen. It is right up there with A Tale Of Two Cities The Musical.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 09:20am
Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 09:32am
I haven't seen Violet, but I have seen the other two. Without a doubt, go to Hedwig. If Idina wasn't the star, nobody would have even noticed If/Then. It's not horrible, but there's nothing overly special or great about it either.

Hedwig on the other hand, is just awesome. I saw it in previews and thought it was flawless. I'm sure it's only gotten better. Plus it's just a lot of damn fun. Highly, highly recommend. I'm heading back to see it again in July myself.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 09:51am
Saw all three.

Hedwig hands down.

I actually enjoyed If/Then more than Violet (I saw it with Idina). I just could not get into Violet. Some loved it. I just felt it was missing something that would engage/interest me.

I would also recommend Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill. Fantastic.
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 03:53pm
June is insane here, so you should buy your tickets to any and all of these shows today. I would recommend Hedwig if there are even any tickets left. Have fun!
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 5/20/14 at 05:02pm
If both of the shows 90 minutes, can't you go to both? :)
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 6/23/14 at 10:17am
I just got back from NYC and went to Hedwig's matinee yesterday. I think it was the best show I have ever seen, and I am so, so glad that I went. Thanks for the input!
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 6/23/14 at 11:01am
I've have seen all 3 too. IF/THEN is by far the best. IMO. Plus, I think hating IF/THEN is the hip thing to do right now. 3,2,1 GO:
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Hedwig, If/Then or Violet?
Posted: 6/23/14 at 11:22am
I haven't seen any evidence of If/Then "hating". Aren't people allowed to have an opinion?

BTW....the poster has already made this decision, AND the trip as evidenced by the post just above yours.
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