Relatives Nominated for Tonys in the Same Category & Same Year?

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This is super random but I was watching the acceptance clip of Madeline Kahn winning the Tony in 1993 and realized that Natasha Richardson and Lynn Redgrave were nominated in the same category. Being that Lynn is Natasha's aunt, I wondered if any other relatives been nominated in the same category and same year? Or is this the one lone example?

Madeline Kahn 1993 Tony Speech
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In 2000 Rosemary Harris (Waiting in the Wings) and her daughter Jennifer Ehle (The Real Thing) were nominated in the best actress category.

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SHAME on them for playing the music over Madeline.
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If you're including married spouses, I can think of Michele Pawk (HOLLYWOOD ARMS) and John Dossett (GYSPY) in 2003 &Tracy Letts and Carrie Coon last year.
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Also Richard Rodgers for The Sound of Music and daughter Mary Rodgers for Once Upon a Mattress in 1960.
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Hunter foster and Sutton Foster were nominated not in se category but in the same year
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I still remember Rosemary Harris looking surprisingly pissed off that her daughter her beat her! Isn't that like, vicariously winning a Tony at least?
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Leigh Conroy and Ivy Lynn-- obvi!
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Robert and Patti LuPone were nominated in corresponding categories (Featured Actor and Actress in a Musical) at the 1976 Tony Awards.
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