Rocky on Letterman tonight

Dr. Jaykll
Rocky on Letterman tonight
Posted: 5/2/14 at 12:00am
Didn't see anything on the front page on this, so sorry if a re-post, but in looking at late night TV options I just saw that the cast of "Rocky" is scheduled to perform on Letterman tonight (probably on in the next 40 minutes).
Mr Roxy
Broadway Legend
Rocky on Letterman tonight
Posted: 5/2/14 at 12:43am
Great spot.
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Rocky on Letterman tonight
Posted: 5/4/14 at 02:19am
I wonder why they chose such a static number for Andy to sing, though I know that Letterman's "stage" area is kinda small and awkward, and usually anything with choreography needs to be adjusted.

Anyway, a quick question for you all. I'm planning a trip to NY in June, and I was thinking about going to see "Rocky" (I've always wanted to go to the Winter Garden, but not for "Mamma Mia", and if "Rocky" eventually tours, I don't think they'll do it with the novelty factor of the boxing ring coming down over the audience. I also may have a little crush on Andy, but that's another story...). If anyone has seen the show, is it worth it to pay full price to sit in the "Golden Circle", or should I just do the discount tickets and sit in the Mezz?
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Rocky on Letterman tonight
Posted: 5/4/14 at 03:11am
Splurge and go for Golden Circle seating. It's an experience, for sure!
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