Hedwig - Seating question

Hedwig - Seating question
Posted: 4/30/14 at 05:32pm
Hi, I wanted to get tickets for Hedwig and I was looking at the $84 dollar seats in mezz as well the $84 seats and $49 seats in balcony. Are there any seats that are terrible? I just wanted to know what seats to avoid getting or where to avoid sitting. Thank you so much!! :)
Adair Haywind
Hedwig - Seating question
Posted: 5/1/14 at 12:34pm
I saw no $49 seats on telecharge even though it said that in the price range.
Chorus Member
Hedwig - Seating question
Posted: 5/1/14 at 02:12pm
The Belasco is a smaller theater, so you would probably be okay in the mezz. BUT, if you get balcony seats on the side....there's a chance you'll be in the one that Hedwig directly addresses during the show. :)

I'd avoid anything on the extreme sides, but otherwise you should be okay.