Thursday matinees

Featured Actor
Thursday matinees
Posted: 4/25/14 at 12:57am
I saw Phantoms Thursday matinee today. I was shocked to see the theater less than half full. I see Phantom quite a bit and it's always/often at at least 75% capacity or more. And the grosses support that observation. Is it too soon to say that Thursday matinees aren't working? Would the house be just as empty on a Wednesday matinee?
Broadway Star
Thursday matinees
Posted: 4/25/14 at 01:18am
I was just wondering about this myself. I think it is too soon to tell. Not many people know that some shows are doing Thursday Matinees yet. Wait for summer to see what happens. I was at a Pippin matinee a few weeks ago on a Wednesday and it was about 3/4 full.
Broadway Legend
Thursday matinees
Posted: 4/25/14 at 03:08am
Phantom has been getting the same crowds on Thursday that it did on Wednesdays. So no, it's not a failure in that respect.