Theater in San Francisco

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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 01:28am
Headed to SF in May- and would love to catch a few shows there...
Anyone familiar with the theater scene? Which theaters I should look into?
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 08:07am
SF Playhouse, ACT, Ray of Light, and outside SF: Berkeley Rep
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 09:12am
Check out the TIX Bay Area website. It has listings and discount offers. They also have a discounted same-day ticket booth on the Powell Street side Union Square (opposite the St Francis Hotel).
TIX Bay Area
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 10:26am
As somebody from San Francisco, I would highly highly recommend you go to ACT. Their stuff is usually really good and they are presenting a new-ish show in May called The Suit.
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 02:43pm
As far as quality goes, your best options are:
-American Conservatory Theater (A.C.T): The Suit, National Tour (Thru May 18 )
-Magic Theatre: Pen/Man/Ship, World Premiere (Begins May 21)

If you are able to make it to Berkeley:
-Berkeley Rep: Tribes (Thru May 11), The Intelligent Homosexuals Guide...(Begins May 16)
-Aurora Theater: Wittenberg (Thru May 4)

If you can make it across the Golden Gate Bride to Mill Valley:
-Marin Theatre Company: Fences (Thru May 11)

The other options in San Francisco are borderline amateurish.
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 03:13pm
I've enjoyed the SF Playhouse productions I've seen. They'll be presenting "Seminar" by Theresa Rebeck. Also, 42nd St Moon, sorta' our local version of Encores, will be presenting "DuBarry Was a Lady" until May 18.

Quality-wise, these companies typically do good work, but there are occasional clinkers. (And while 42nd St Moon may share a mission with Encores and their shows can be delightfully enjoyable, it IS a small non-profit theater and is on a different level than City Center productions)

Updated On: 3/11/14 at 03:13 PM
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/11/14 at 03:57pm
If you are leaving SF proper you also have Theatreworks in Palo Alto who, at least in the past, were known for producing quality work.
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/12/14 at 02:53am
Agree with Theatreworks. I would also add San Jose Rep and especially San Jose Stage. The Stage does some excellent stuff in a very intimate 200 seat theater and the tickets are very reasonable. I'm a season subscriber and I continue to be amazed by the quality of their productions given their resources. In SF as others have said, ACT is very good, check out the touring productions on the website. Agree that SF Playhouse and Berkeley Rep are also worth checking into. Maybe Aurora Theater Company also in Berkeley. That's really about it.
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/12/14 at 03:07am
I live in San Francisco and there is some terrific theatre. We get a lot of tours but some of the smaller playhouses do great plays. SF Playhouse does great work and they are opening a new space soon. In June/July they're doing Into the Woods. I hate that I couldn't see their production of Camelot.

Boxcar Theater is doing a Speakeasy show for a few more weeks. I'm seeing it on Thursday.
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Theater in San Francisco
Posted: 3/12/14 at 04:19am
If you want something more experimental, there's a new Immersive show called The Speakeasy being presented by Boxcar Theater.

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