Lea Michele confirms Funny Girl revival (BWW headline)

Jay Lerner-Z
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Or does she? For those who don't want to read through the whole BWW interview, here is what she said :

We are definitely talking about it now. We have the rights. And, right now, we are talking to some potential directors - we have someone really amazing in mind. We probably won't have the opportunity to do it for a while, though, because we still have a long time left on GLEE. But, yes, you are right - Ryan does have the rights. And, when the time is right and I have had the chance to get some good rest for a while after Glee and I feel ready to do it then definitely we will do it.

I'm not sure that really counts as confirmation.
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If this happens (and I don't think it will) this has disaster written all over it. Lea Michele playing Barbra Streisand playing Fanny Brice?

Updated On: 3/4/14 at 12:43 AM
Jordan Catalano
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So..... she confirms that Daddy got her the golden ticket but she doesn't want to use it yet because there's still some years left on Glee and after that she needs some time to rest before she can definitely start thinking about it.

Gotcha. So when do tickets go on sale?

Jay Lerner-Z
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She's arrogant enough to think she can wait as long as she likes, and that her iron will still be hot at some indeterminate time in the future.
Jordan Catalano
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Which is fine if that's what she wants to think. But Sugar Daddy having the rights doesn't mean he has the MONEY. And producers didn't want her involved in this revival before it fell through and I highly doubt their position on that is going to change. But 3-4 years is a long time away.
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I thought Murphy wanted to *shudder* direct? Or is that who she's referring to with this comment "we have someone really amazing in mind."
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I think this is the only way a revival will happen of Funny Girl that could be commercially successful. She will do it well, it will be her playing Barbra but perhaps that's what the masses want and those are the ones who need to spend the money to buy tickets so I am just pleased the show can at last be revived and come back to Broadway.

I do think she needs to do it in the next year or 18months before Glee/her popularity tails off...
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The scariest part of all that is Glee still has years to go, jesus farking christ. Let her, kirk and the rest of the badly written muppets die already.
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"A long time left on Glee?" The show only has a season left after this one, then its over. Murphy has said its over after next year. Unless she knows something we don't, or she plans to make new episodes with Elmo and Mickey and Minnir in Times Square on her iPhone, then I have no idea.
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Just can think of SOOO many better Fanny Brice's. Actually can't think of a worse one
What about Adele Danzim?
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L M A O @ how this news is causing some of you on this board so much mental suffering, pain and anguish.
Buddy Plummer2
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We can also just wait a year until Jessie Mueller wins a Tony... then maybe producers will trust her? :)