HBO confirms air date for Billy Crystal's 700 Sundays!

SUNDAY, April 19th @ 9pm on HBO. How many times have you seen the live show?
Do you think they are cutting material (I assume so because I remember the show being longer than 2 hours)? I hope they don't edit it together like Wishful Drinking--which seemed more like an E True Hollywood Story than a Broadway play
Jordan Catalano
Broadway Legend
"I assume so because I remember the show being longer than 2 hours"

If the show started at 8:07 (give or take a minute or two) and added in a 15 minute intermission, than you would have left the theatre at 10:30 or so. But this is tv. No late start times. No intermission.
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Super excited.

Why does it take something 4 months to go from recording to airing on HBO but it takes things a year plus from recording to airing on PBS?