Multiple Visits During Previews

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Multiple Visits During Previews
Posted: 1/22/14 at 12:59pm
For those of you that live in the city, do you like to see shows more than once during previews? How many times do you usually go back during previews?
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Multiple Visits During Previews
Posted: 1/22/14 at 04:14pm
It's usually just not economical unless there's lots of comps to be had. I think it's got to be a case of really loving something right away (for me, that was Hands on a Hardbody) or something having lots of trouble coming together that gets people into previews multiple times. I don't like hate-watching shows, so I don't go to multiple previews for the latter.

If you connect with a piece, it's a great way to see the changes along the way and how the creators are finding the final product. I loved getting to see the multiple endings of HoH, and how they finally adjusted the losing order so that the characters the audience connected to the most lasted the longest.
Broadway Star
Multiple Visits During Previews
Posted: 1/22/14 at 04:23pm
Since I was a Next to Normal fan, I am excited for If/Then, so I caught it in DC, and will probably catch it early and in mid-previews in NYC, and then once more after it opens. I do know some people in the cast, so I can check in and see if it's changed a lot, etc.

But normally, I only go to previews if the deal is better and, even then, I try to go as late as possible for the discount.
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