How Do You Store Your Playbills/Programs?

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Hi all!
I am obsessive about my saving my programs and ticket stubs from every theatrical production I see. I assume several of you are, too. Has anyone found a good way to store them? I know the Playbill Binder is a good option, but even the Universal is too small for some of mine, according to some things I've read. Now I just store mine in a plastic bin, but I was just wondering what you guys do! Thanks!
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I have the Ultimate Playbill Binder, but will have to purchase one again soon. Didn't realize I had that many Playbills! The rest of my show programs that I can't fit into it (many local productions of theatre and a few concerts of Broadway actors) I store in the box that the Playbill binder came in (along with my tickets stubs).

Before I purchase another binder I want to find something similar that holds both my tickets and Playbills.
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Playbill binders, I think my wife and I have about 7 or of them.
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I have about a half dozen of these to store my Playbills. They're on sale too.

This style below allows you to store them in plastic but to be honest the cheaper style above seems adequate protection for mine.
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After every show, I come home and delicately place each gently on top of the small trash can next to my computer. Otherwise, I'd end up on a special Broadway edition of Hoarders...
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I have the Universal playbill binder. I tape the ticket stub on the side and slide my playbill (98% all signed - always stage door) It looks really nice having it show the playbill and the ticket stub. Don't ever hear anyone doing that..
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You can go to a comic book store and get the comic holders that the fans use to protect their comics.
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In shoeboxes and plastic bins. I've got too many to be anal about it.
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I have well over 3,000 Playbills and feel that the people who are saving them in airtight plastic containers are doing the wisest thing. My collection started in 1963 and those Playbills--including my beloved Opening Night program from HELLO, DOLLY!-- are actually falling apart. There's acid in the ink and it's causing the paper to deteriorate as you touch it.

Keep 'em in airtight boxes folks!

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I think you are exaggerating, come on 1963, that was before America was discovered.
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Oops, corrected. Thanks for pointing it out, Phantom.
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For ticket stubs I think this looks really cool. Has anyone tried it? Or maybe something like it?

Just the Ticket: Ticket Stub Organizer
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I just have regular binders and put each one in a plastic page protector. I've taped the ticket to that, unless I printed from home, so I have an easy reference.
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I usually put them in the recycling bin but that's me. I don't collect things and have no interest in Pinterest.
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My playbills go in a shoebox, and once that's full I empty it into my big plastic tub of theatre stuff, and then start the shoebox anew. Very high tech.

As for my tickets, I use this:

Ticket Stub Diary
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I make my own binders- a 2 or 3 inch three ring binder with acid-free sheet protectors, and put the playbills in the pockets.
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