Does Victoria Clark Generally Come Out The Stage Door?

Emma White
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In her early run in Cinderella, did she come out on a regular basis?
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Only when she needed to go home.

Just kidding.
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After Light/Piazza, she was the ONLY one to come out... and she chatted with my husband and I for a long time. She was sooooo sweet. We'd just moved from Chicago, and she was grilling us about the theater scene there, me being from Nashville, etc. Very cool... Doubt that always happens though.
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That's odd. The only other ways out are the loading dock door and the lobby. Seemed to me that like Ms Clark, the rest of the actors enjoyed meeting fans (most of the time, anyway).

The answer to your question, I think, is yes, Ms Clark usually comes out the stage door and is usually approachable. The situation jpbran describes is not an unusual one.
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Every time I have seen Victoria in something, she has always come out the stage door. She could not be sweeter. She also has a very good memory, and remembers people she has met before. After Follies in L.A, I talked to her for about 10 minutes- she’s very nice
Darreyl with an L!
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Yes, after Follies in LA and Cinderella, she was out the door shortly after the end of the show and would graciously talk to you as long as there was genuine conversation going. She's a gem.
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jpbran, I think you were really unlucky with Piazza. I saw the show at the matinee on a 2-show day, and most of the actors came out, including Victoria Clark, who was very nice.
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Victoria did not come out when i saw Cinderella.
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I have met her twice at the stage door. She was very sweet and genuine! Love her!