Do you veteran New York theatre lovers still get starstruck when you see a Broadway Star?

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I am someone who doesn't see much Theatre in New York, mostly just touring shows. I would kill to be able to see someone like Sutton Foster or Audra Mcdonald live. But the people on here who see shows weekly and monthly and have seen someone like Patti Lupone 5 times or have seen the original Broadway productions of classic shows, do you still get Star struck when you see someone like Sutton Foster Live for the 13th time? or has it become so normal for you that you just go "Oh that's just Sutton" lol.
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For me it is not getting star struck, more of that slight thump in the chest that makes you happy when you see them.
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I don't get 'star struck'. Do I look forward to what I suspect is going to be an amazing experience? You bet....but then I could be let down further. I think the "struck" part happens when it is, indeed, magic in front of me.
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I have lived in NYC my whole life and been to the theater regularly since I was a tiny kid. I don't think I have ever really been "star struck". I am not one to wait on autograph lines so I can have a signature to keep. I have been known to get on an autograph line so if gets me a few seconds to thank someone for a great performance or say something I would like to say to the "star"..but that doesn't happen often. But the stars for me are not necessarily the "famous" ones's quite often the opposite. It's just someone who has impressed me with a fabulous performance.

I am a repeat viewer of the same show - but its more because of the overall experience, rather than the star of the show.
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I get star struck regardless, especially when you realize they are (mostly) chill and down to earth people (e.g Zachary Levi, Tyne Daly)

My mom gets odd though. I spotted Audra McD on the street one day, recognize her as she was walking away, and my mom, with a busted ankle, chase after her in a dead sprint to say hello to her, which she was successful in doing
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I'm not a big fan of speaking to stars in person. What am I going to say they haven't heard a thousand times? What are they going to say in reply except to be vaguely gracious? (This is just me and I wasn't asked to speak for Patti LuPone. Those of you enjoy stage dooring should continue to do so.)

Working with a star is different, but then he or she is usually surrounded by a crowd of fans or supporting workers, which isn't very interesting either.

I've had a few encounters that were special because a star was particularly kind or unkind, but in my experience, the star is often the least interesting person in a show.

The OP seems to include seeing a favorite perform on stage in the phrase "star struck". I wouldn't call it that. Naturally, I enjoy some performers more than others. Who doesn't?
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I do like seeing them interact at stage door. Although generally not with me. At a restaurant or in the theatre will usually just say 'love your work' or something (if in fact I love twit work)don't like to intrude, and again bit sure what I would say that they have not heard a thousand times before.
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I always want to stick around and say "awesome performance" or if I love a particular show.
But I've been known to hold way too high of expectations of actors coming out of a show (that they've already done twice that day) that just want to get home and rest for the next day.

So then I just feel like a big ball of guilt when I get disappointed. Basically if I wait after a show now, even if I get an autograph or not, I will tell them something that really stood out to me about their performance or say how the show made me feel.

I've never really seen a celebrity outside of the stage door though. Except Andrew Rannalls and he looked like he was escaping people so my friend and I just smiled and let him walk past us.

The best interaction I've had between me and an actor was after Big Fish with Kate Baldwin. She took the time to converse with us and that time I had no expectations what-so-ever with waiting around at the stage door.
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I just kind of get a warm feelling when I see someone I like onstage. I have met Audra, Chita and Hsbc among others. I will say I was starstruck when I met them. I made sure though, not to gush
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I will tell them something that really stood out to me about their performance or say how the show made me feel.

This is great advice, whether I'm talking to a star or being complimented on my own work. Hell, most of us will say "great show" to friends, even when the show was dreadful. I don't take a compliment seriously unless there is some bit of detail in it.

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