I'm giving away a Fosse Biography-Merry Christmas!

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Folks-I was given two Fosse bios for Christmas and I want pay one of them forward. Just comment with a favorite theatre memory or something you love about your favorite theatre performer and you'll be entered to win it. Just comment by 5pm tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and I'll put all your names in a hat and draw a winner. Ill mail the book to you at no charge!

Merry Christmas! xo
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It's a spectacular book, everyone.
Watching Hair in Shakespeare in the Park back in 2008 :)
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I will take that book! haha Merry Christmas :) And my favorite Theatre memory would have to be Little Shop of Horrors. I was unconventionally cast as Mr. Mushnik and I was thinking "how am I going to make this work?" but I had so much fun making the character my own and it was the first time nerves hadn't played a part in my performance. It really cemented my love for theatre.
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My first musical was the Lion king. I was six years old. I live in San Francisco but the show was playing down in LA at the Kodak Theatre. On September 2, 2001 we took a plane ride to LA for a 2 matinee of the show. There is a picture of me in the cockpit, a thing not allowed after what will happen 9 days later. I remember we had orchestra seating. Soon, all the animals can down the aisle. It was so thrilling. At that moment I knew I wanted to do theatre. Know at 18, I am playing Charlie Brown in You're A Good Man Charlie Brown, directed a one-act, tap danced in Anything Goes for my high school, played Annes in Jesus Christ Superstar my freshman year of high school, and love theatre so much
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Performing in my first ever lead role in "North Pole Star" in 5th grade! I was so excited to get my first big role, (10 lines but big to a 5th grader) Santa!!!! Since then theatre has become my life and I don't see it going anywhere. Also I got my first good review, from the music teacher no less! She said "He's the best Santa we have ever had!" Since have have landed many more lead roles that just continue to fuel my passion!!
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I can't say this was my favorite, but probably my most memorable. It was my second trip to NYC, back in the mid-80's. I had just went to a taping of the Donahue show and had tickets to Cats that night. I wanted something quick to eat before the show so I went into a brand new Burger King around 5th Avenue. There were no decals on the door and I ended up walking head first into the glass door. I split my head open and was taken to the hospital. (which one I have no idea). I received five stiches in my forehead, but all I could think of was missing the curtain for Cats. The doctor told me I might have a concussion, but I told him I had to get to the theatre. With my head bandaged up and being very self conscience I entered the theatre. All I could think of was people who would stare at me and the stiches on my head. Well, my tickets were on the fifth or sixth row. Prior to the show beginning, the cast in costume, was in the audience. To my suprise, a spotlight was on me, which I assumed everyone looking at my bandaged head. To my horror, a white cat was behind me, playing with the back of me and my seat. What would have been an enjoyable experience, I was mortified that people's focus were on me and my bandaged head. I ended up enjoying the show. The next night I went to Spike, where my bandaged head was a "turn on" for many of the leather crowd.
Favorite theatre memory: not sure if this counts, but when I saw Gavin Creel a couple years ago when "Quiet" came out. I was so Hair crazed that I had to see him and get the best seats. Little did I know I would be sitting next to Laura Benanti and Ceila Keenan-Bolger. I was so happy. I guess this just demonstrates that I love theatre because of the close knit community. Everyone comes out to support each other and cheer each other on. Some even sing at each others weddings!
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Seeing South Pacific at Lincoln Center. I felt like a million bucks listening to the orchestra, the beautiful score, and watching the impeccable cast. To top it off, at intermission I went into the lobby and noticed a woman that looked like Rita Wilson. Then I saw she was talking to a older looking man that upon closer inspection was indeed Tom Hanks. Someone beside me was watching too, and I nodded my head to her conveying that it was indeed Tom Hanks.
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My favorite theatre moment was when I first saw the show Kinky Boots. I'm a straight teen and walking into the theatre, I didn't have high hopes. I had seen Matida a few weeks before and I thought that it completely deserved the tony for Best Musical. However, something about Kinky Boots was amazing! From the amazing score to the hilarious performances, the show was a truly a fun time. However, the best part of the night was when I was invited to walk on the stage after the show. My camp group was noticed by the security guard at the stage door and he invited us to tour the stage. My thirty campers and I were amazed at the majesty of the set. My favorite moment of the night was staring at the empty seats in the audience and thinking about the future and how, hopefully, one day, all of the seats will be filled with me performing on the stage.
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My favorite theatre memory was when I was cast in my first lead role as Baker in Into the Woods, I got hooked on theatre and never looked back. Now all I do is see shows, theatre has taken over my life. :)
What an awesome little contest! My most memorable theater moment changes all the time--every time I see a new show it seems to become my most favorite moment----however, from this season, getting to see The Glass Menagerie with Cherry Jones was just amazing. I didn't have the best seat, but I soaked that show in from the moment the lights went out. So lucky to get to experience such a show for the first time.

Happy Holidays All!!
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My favorite theatre memory was finally going to New York City this past May. I've long been a fan and admirer of theatre, musicals especially, since I was a little kid. I would watch an old VHS of "Barney's Great Adventure" as a kiddo and during the previews, there was an interesting trailer for a show about cats called "Cats". It was then when my interests started to expand... from there to the Disney musicals, I had developed a dream to one day see a show in New York, or better yet, be in a show in New York! It wasn't until a few months ago when my school travelled to NYC to do a play reading at Cherry Lane Theatre that those dreams came true. And on that trip so many other dreams came true... I saw my first New York musical ("The Last 5 Years" at Second Stage), my first Broadway musical ("Matilda" at the Shubert), my first Broadway revival ("Pippin" at the Music Box), and my first Broadway play ("Ann")... I take advantage of all of the firsts I had in New York! And to perform on a New York stage with my peers and colleagues, some of whom were alums in the audience who have produced Broadway musicals and won Tony Awards, was the ultimate dream come true to have on this trip. My mother, who went with us, unfortunately developed vestibular neuritis on the trip and that will always be another reason to remember this particular trip. Despite her having to be in the hotel room most of the trip, I had wanted to stay with her. But she insisted that I go out and enjoy myself on this trip. Hopefully if all goes well, the school can return to NYC in 2015 and I can have her enjoy the trip just as much as I had during this past one! But my favorite theatre memory is basically being in New York City, in general, because I would love love love to move there in the future. It sounds cliché, I know... but like I always say... my dreams are too big to give up. And just getting there was enough to prove to me that "it's possible".
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Love this!

Ok, one of my favourite theatrical moments was when I was playing the Baker in INTO THE WOODS this past year at my highschool. I had been having a lot of troubles with performing in previous shows because I was finding it difficult to perform for myself rather than focus on what the audience was going to think. I began the short run at my highschool and decided that I was purely going to do this role for myself, and it became one of my most favourite roles I have ever done. A specific moment was when I was singing No More on the last night and just got lost in the character, the moment and the music. There is nothing better than being able to sing Sondheim's melodies and lyrics. I was weeping and just felt on top of the world!!

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope it is filled with family, friends and THEATRE!
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Woohoo at my fellow Bakers! @budfrump and @gstrus2!!
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It's so hard to pick out a favourite theatre memory, but I guess one that stands out in my mind is my first trip to see a West End musical (I'm in the UK, and I understand if this excludes me - but I'm sharing anyway!) - when I went to see Cats at the New London when I was around 9 years old. I don't think I shut my mouth from beginning to end and spent the next 6 months pretending to be either The Rum Tum Tugger or Mr Mistofelees (My sister and I alternated roles!) and dancing around the sitting room to the highlights CD. I've certainly seen "better" shows since, but as an introduction to musical theatre for a child, it was perfect.

(My first West End play was Alan Bennett's Wind in the Willows at the National, and that too was perfect for a child - I was transfixed by the characters, revolving lifting set and the jokes and the costumes - just amazing - clip here (although I saw a slightly different cast to the original I think) I just wish there were more clips of it because many of the finer details have faded in my mind 20 years later!)
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I've had so many great theatrical memories in the past, but one that I'll never forget is spending the evening of my birthday seeing Into the Woods with my best friend in Central Park. It was a gorgeous night, and somehow, an extra ticket had come up for my best friend, and it was just a truly fantastic evening. Into the Woods is one of my favorite musicals, and getting to see the wonder of that production, on my birthday, with my best friend is pretty magical.

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You rock! Please throw my name into the mix...I'd love to read it.
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My fav memory....seeing Bebe Neuwirth perform "All That Jazz" on Rosie's old talk show. It opened my eyes to a whole new style, I was about 15 or 16 at the time. I sucked at the old school traditional dancing this opened my eyes. I learnt all I could about his style. When I was 18 I had a one on one session with Bebe all about Fosse and only cause I asked her about him.
A Funny story in 2000 I was dancing with Ruthie Henshall (my fav performer) at the gala after the Tony Awards ( how "Contact" won I'll never understand) Ann Reinking was near us on the dance floor every time she got close I'd whisper "Fosse" she'd turn and look around. Mean I dunno but was funny.
So that segment on tv is my fav theatre moment. It opened a new world of theatre that was right for me. I got to actually be friends with people I idolized.
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I think I would have to say my favorite performer is Mandy Patinkin. As a young and wide eyed theatre student, I sat like a blubbering idiot at the end of Sunday in the Park with George. I had never before (or since) experienced such catharsis and connection to ANYthing. I realized, at that moment, the meaning of life. (This is not hyperbole.) I have tried to every day since then, to live my life with that knowledge I was given that day.

And thank you, Betty, for the generous opportunity. Your offer alone put a smile on my face.
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My favorite theatre memory is definitely when I saw my first musical. It was Peter Pan starring Cathy Rigby when I was very young, 4 years old. My aunt, nana, and pop-pop had taken me to see it. We had seats in the 2nd row of the orchestra and I still swear that Cathy looked down at my and winked when she made her first entrance. "Boo-ing" Captain Hook made me laugh so hard, and I think we made some of the people around us mad because I was laughing and booing so loudly. Since we were so close to the stage, I leaned over the orchestra pit and had a conversation with the conductor, which was magical (even now, as I am a musician and I still follow the advice he gave me). Ever since this, I have been addicted to theatre and it has really been my life.
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Mom took me to lunch at Howard Johnson's in Times Square. Then on to my first Broadway show: "Same Time, Next Year" with Ellen Burstyn.

Happy Holidays everyone!

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My favorite theatre memory was watching the Encores! FOLLES production. It was my very first time in NY as an adult and my first time going to the theatre in NY. I booked a trip with my financial aid from college without telling my parents soon as Donna Murphy (my favorite performer) was announced. She was so spectacular as Phyllis that night, she was everything I wanted her to be and more. Best of all, the evening was electric; it was opening night and you could feel it in the theatre. When all the "girls" were introduced during "Beautiful Girls" there was a round of applause for each of them, and my eyes swelled up soon as it was Murphy's turn and everyone clapped so hard. I've had many great Broadway experiences, but that's the most unforgettable. Thanks for the sweepstakes, BettyBoy! How fabulous.
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Seeing Motown the Musical with my dad. He traveled to nyc to visit me and see the show. Just seeing him enjoy himself so much made me so happy. The look on his face when I surprised him with the souvenior program was priceless. He still talks about the show even though its been a few months!
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This is neat!

I remember seeing a local production of Kiss Me Kate when I was a kid and felt an energy and sophistication that I hadn't felt in other community theater! It was my first great musical!
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I don't remember it well (I was taking Vicodin for a bad accident I was in earlier that week), but I took my friend to her first Broadway show ever, the 2008 Gypsy. Despite her always making sure I knew that she was not a big fan of musicals, she went and had a marvelous time. I don't always like to see shows with others because I don't like to worry about what they are thinking, but getting to experience that with her was really special. A few years later, I took my, then, twelve year old cousin to see Nice Work if You Can Get It and she was beaming the entire time. Being able to experience that rush is fantastic.
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