Amazon Musical Errors

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Mr Roxy
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Amazon Musical Errors
Posted: 12/17/13 at 07:14pm
Looking on Amazon for Sir Andrew recordings. Was I surprised to learn he wrote Miss Saigon. I have seen many labeling errors such as crediting Wildhorn with writing the Dracula done in England .
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Emma White
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Amazon Musical Errors
Posted: 12/17/13 at 07:41pm
I remember reading a book on musical theatre that I took out of the library last year and it said that West Side Story was written by Stephen Sondheim and Jule Styne. I can't remember what book it was though.
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Amazon Musical Errors
Posted: 12/17/13 at 08:05pm
At one time they had a bizarre hybrid page for both Cole Porter's 1958 TV Special ALADDIN and the soundtrack to the 1991 Disney film version. They had the cast and songlist (including previews) from 1958, but the writers and date from 1991. I had intended to order the Cole Porter album but recieved the Disney one instead.

They also group cast recordings under "soundtrack" (like iTunes), but that reaches far beyond mere sales errors.

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