Harvey Fiersteinís contribution to Hairspray

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So, watching Harveyís interview with Paul Wontorek on Show People, Harvey stated that he Ghost wrote Hairspray, but also structured it and ďStuffĒ. Was very curious what the story was on this? Harvey mentions it in a very offhanded way and didnít seem to really want to expand on it.
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He, being a Tony Award winning writer, provided feedback to the creative team on the book of the show. He basically wrote the Edna dialogue/one-liners, etc. Basically, the dialogue that wasn't carried over from the original 1988 film.
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Beyond that, Harvey is a comedian, at least in one of his past creative lives. It is customary that when a part is written or revised for a comedian, they have a certain amount of ghostwriting input. Hence why Sid Caesar's characters in Little Me '62 have a distinct Sid Caesar flavor, and why Martin Short's characters are distinctly tailored to his comic sensibility in Little Me '98, while Victor Garber's characters in Little Me '82 are somewhat more generic musical theatre "types."

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