Funny or Die Spoofs CHICAGO w/ Marilu Henner

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Forgive me if I missed the thread on this already (tried a search), but this had me rolling.

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Funny or Die Spoofs Broadway's CHICAGO w/ Marilu Henner
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Thanks for posting, I would've missed it too! That's absolutely hysterical. And props for her still being able to work her Roxie costume! (She was my first Roxie, I saw her three times.)

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It reminds me of the Grease Infomercial with "Barry" and "Fran" from the Forbidden Broadway Strikes Back recording.

Incidentally, I always remember that Marilu was the reason I discovered that they were lip-syncing for the Macy's Parade. The company performed "We Both Reached for the Gun" on the telecast while she was with the show, but clearly they used the cast recording because it was definitely Anne Reinking's voice saying "Are you kidding?" during the one line that Roxie actually has in the number and not Marilu Henner's.

1997 Macy's Parade - We Both Reached for the Gun
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This is so funny. And I knew they always always always stunt cast but until you hear all the names one after the other you don't realize just how much . It's brilliant. Got to hand it to them, it works.

Wendy Williams? Anyone see that?
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I need to go back to sleep, but I found this. Sooooo funny! I'm curious if this spoof was given a blessing by the Weisslers? In any case, bravo to Marilu. I had no idea that Jennifer Holiday had been in the show?
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Marilu performing Roxie on Rosie O'Donnell:
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