Twelfth Night and Richard III question

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Twelfth Night and Richard III question
Posted: 12/2/13 at 05:19pm
Just looking at the performance schedule for both shows, any reason there are a lot more performances of Twelfth Night than Richard the third?
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Twelfth Night and Richard III question
Posted: 12/2/13 at 05:26pm
My guess has always been that, because Stephen Fry is in TWELFTH NIGHT but not RICHARD III, his presence is enough to justify doing six-and-two instead of four-and-four. Not necessarily in box office draw, but also expense of putting up in NYC and making his Broadway debut worth his time.

Is that the sole reason? Probably not. But it seemed reasonable to me without much deeper consideration.
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Twelfth Night and Richard III question
Posted: 12/2/13 at 11:07pm
Twelfth Night is way more of a box office draw. I went to Richard III on Wednesday and the last few rows of the orchestra and side mezzanine were empty. Plus it was on TKTS this Sunday evening for 50%. You will never see this for Twelfth Night. Comedies always fare better.