Craig Bierko Won't Be Returning To MATILDA

Jordan Catalano
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Jordan Catalano
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I'm Speechless, I say! Speechless!
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"...due to medical circumstances beyond his control..."

That's a new way of putting it.
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I feel bad for his shoulder, what with receiving all this egregious blame.
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He does not look very good in that photo.
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Maybe Susan Boyle can take over
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Blah. I hope Chris Hoch is proud of his promotion.
I leave the room smiling.
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I guess this makes Chris Hoch officially the lead of a Broadway musical, failing another pointless stunt casting? Weird way to get there, but way to go! He's fantastic.

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"I feel bad for his shoulder, what with receiving all this egregious blame."

The good news is, with the rest his shoulder is getting, he expects to be 100% by the start of spring training.
How is Chris Hoch as Miss Trunchbull? Has Richard H. Blake gone on in the role? Also - how is Jill Paice?
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He's lucky he didn't get get mercury poisoning!
Sutton Ross
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Chris and Jill are both wonderful. I saw it the week Craig was supposed to go on, but Chris was in. He is fantastic and Jill is perfect for the part. A friend of mine is a good friend of Craigs and his shoulder is messed up but it was 90% he knew he just couldn't hack it. Sad.
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Well Duh
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I'm thrilled for Chris Hoch, but I suddenly want to ee what Michael Cerveris could do in this role....
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It's kind of cool that I can now say I saw Creig within his what, 2 weeks with the show? Not the best Trunchbull by any means but I feel it gives me a few bragging rights :)
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How was Craig in the role for real? I was thinking of seeing it yet again and was going to ask how he was...doesn't matter now but I'd like to know. Also happy for Chris; I'm sure he's fantastic in the role.
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I saw the original cast in London, and the Trunchbull's role was so clearly tuned to Bertie Carvel's skills. He was brilliant.

I never saw Craig in the role (I only read what fellow BWW posters wrote) so I can't comment on his performance.

But I can see why this would be a hard part to cast.
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"It's kind of cool that I can now say I saw Creig within his what, 2 weeks with the show? Not the best Trunchbull by any means but I feel it gives me a few bragging rights :)"

Ha. That's how I am about having seen Jeffrey Tambor in La Cage.

Can't say I am surprised by this news at all.
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He was not great but serviceable. Kind of like Russel Crow in the Les Miserables Movie. Not amazing but serviceable. He did not alter his voice at all and was not able to do ANY of the stunts because of his shoulder. Jill on the other hand was fantastic as Miss Honey and as for Gabe Ebert and Lesli M. we all know how great they are. The show itself was fantastic I just would have loved to have seen Bertie in the roll if given the chance.
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Has Hoch been given the role beyond January? Every article I've read says a permanent Trunchbull would be announced soon.

That's not to say that couldn't end up being Hoch, who certainly seems deserving. Anyone know if they've been holding auditions?

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If Hoch doesn't get it who would we like to see in the role? Male or female.
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I saw Craig in the show..he was certainly better than Russell Crowe...LOL I have actually seen all three actors in the role. Craig's performance was nothing to be embarrassed about. But he was miscast and wasn't really the right person for the job and with his shoulder in pain, it was a double reason to leave. I hope Chris gets to stay - he deserves it.

I have seen Craig do a lot of stuff previously that I liked..but this role was not a good fit for him. You can only blame him so much. He auditioned and the Matilda people thought he would work out..and he didn't. So he was allowed to leave with a gracious exit. There was no reason for anyone to announce he was leaving the show because he was awful. He tried and it didn't work out. He was replaced. That's not really unusual.

I LOVED Jill Paice. Not that I didn't like Lauren = she was fine. But Jill performance was more vulnerable and appealing to me personally. I think age had a little to do with it. She's younger - seems late 20's early 30's. Lauren is already 40. I mean I just wanted to say -ok you had a bad childhood, grow up, get over it already..LOL But seriously, Jill was just stunning..

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Saw Craig and saw Hoch. I much preferred Hoch's portrayal of Trunchball to Craig's. Different than Bertie, but quite excellent.

Here's hoping he gets extended beyond January.
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Were there ever any promo photos of CB in role as Trunchbull?