Ragtime (The composers who didn't get the job)

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I remember back in the day there was an article about how Garth Drabinsky auditioned composers to find the right fit for the show. I also know that Ahrens & Flaherty won the audition (and the chance to create the music for the show) by composing the opening number and also the song Gliding. My question is this: Does anyone know who else might have been up for that audition and what they may or may not have presented? I always thought that Jason Robert Brown's Parade was his "Ragtime" and I wonder what he could have done with Ragtime. Anyone know? Thanks!
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I do know both Jason Robert Brown and Andrew Lippa auditioned for it -- not sure who else. They loved Jason Robert Brown but did not feel he was right for that particular show. Through that, however, a few doors opened and he picked up the PARADE job (partly because of it).
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Did Adam Guettel audition? I thought somewhere I heard he had.
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Maltby and Shire submitted a demo
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JRB posted his Ragtime audition song to his blog a while back, but I'm not sure how to find it now. There doesn't seem to be a search function, but if you want to scroll through each month's entries you should find it! It's called "Something Like Home".
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Michael John LaChiusa was one of them.

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