Hugh Jackman offered Adolpho in DROWSY CHAPERONE movie

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Looks like Geoffrey Rush is calling on Aussie friends.

I would think Hugh would be more of a Robert than an Adolpho, but maybe he'd be great.

I hope he calls on Judy Davis for the Chaperone!
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He is a tad to old for Robert.
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It would be fun to see him do comedy, but his singing in Les Miz was enough. I'm interested to see who else plays what. Lots of great actresses for the Chaperone. Side note: who in Hollywood could play Janet? This might be a good chance for a Broadway actress to play it, like Laura Osnes.
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I had no idea that Jackman was offered the part of Billy Flynn in Chicago.
The idea of Drowsy Chaperone being adapted for the big screen is terribly exciting.
I think Jackman is a very good choice for the part.
Would love to see Angela Lansbury as Mrs. Tottendale.
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I may have said so before, but Bill Hader belongs in this film- his ability to imitate the dialogue patterns and dialects of older film eras is campy and perfect for the style of this show.
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Samantha Barks might be a good Janet. It's odd to think of her as more Hollywood, but she was a standout in the Les Miz movie. If not, it would make sense to cast Janet with a Broadway performer.

I think Robert is probably the hardest role to cast because you need s younger leading man who can sing and tap like Robert does in Cold Feet. I just can't think of many actors in the 20-30 age group who actually fits the bill.

Totally off the wall idea, but after seeing Audra McDonald in concert and how funny she was with some of the comic numbers, I think she would be a brilliant Chaperone.
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THe possibilities for the Chaperone are endless: Jessica Walters, Kim Cattrall, Jessica Lange, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, Catherine Zeta-Jones. I think if Joseph Gordon-Levvitt and Daniel Radcliffe could be a fun mix of Robert and George, respectively.
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Seems as if Hugh Jackman gets offered roles in all upcoming film musicals except maybe Daddy Warbucks in the new Annie remake.
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Hugh Jackman offered Adolpho in DROWSY CHAPERONE movie

On top of talent and suitability ( Did you see him in The Boy from Oz, especially in more than one performance?), Hugh Jackman is probably being offered the role to secure full financing for another movie musical ( not exactly the favorite film genre in Hollywood). Also, could this be an all-Aussie film venture?

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I love that pic! It's like return to the '90's.
The director is listed as Fred Schepisi who has previously worked with (well, a lot of people, actually, including Meryl Streep in "Plenty") Rush and Judy Davis in the recent "Eye of The Storm" film. That might give a clue to the direction they're heading...
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I want Toni Collete for the Chaperone!
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I've also thought of Toni Collette for the role of the drowsy chaperone

Or maybe Nicole Kidman!

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Since we're talking about a movie version of the show, I keep thinking it should be quite different from the stage version. Perhaps the man in the chair would visualize himself in all the numbers -- playing various characters -- or perhaps he pictures himself as and would play --the drowsy chaperone. Not quite possible on stage, but SO possible in a film.

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I can see him as Adolpho. It's such a showboating, funny role, and from what I've seen during his time as Tony host, all the little skits and things he had to do, Hugh would be great. And the man oozes charisma.

And I wish Boy from Oz had been filmed!
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Is Houdini starring Hugh a dead issue?

He seems more interested in playing P. T. Barnum now.
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Kevin Kline as Adolpho and Lupone as the Chaperone!
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Re Houdini - Hugh stated in a recent interview covering a few topics that the last workshop was held at the end of October and a decision would be made soon.

>>Do you have any update on the Harry Houdini musical that was being workshopped for Broadway?

We had our final workshop at the end of October. We will determine if we move forward soon. I would love to make this happen—and if it does, hopefully by the end of 2014!<<
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