Fantastic article from AICN about revised Side Show

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Lots of good stuff in here!
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Some highlights:

Indeed, the new songs that Krieger and Russell have written for this incarnation address this emphasis on a clarified narrative. "There's a song 'All in the Mind' that's sung by Harry Houdini in a flashback of the girls' lives," says Krieger. "Part of it is Houdini appearing and explaining how they can use mental skills to isolate themselves from each other or things they don't want to deal with. It's a mental compartmentalization formula that he teaches them in song. I'm so glad I wrote that song with Bill Russell. It's deep and dark and fun and meaningful. There's also a song called "Very Well Connected", where Terry Connor puts out his resume for them so that they'll trust him."


Condon acknowledges there are many possibilities, including an eventual film. "It's become less a backstage musical and more a biographical musical drama," he says. "We're filling it in in a way that you could do it as a movie. I think it would be a tremendous movie musical. Not a mass-marketed one, but of interest. That's always the trick.

Costume sketches:

Reptile Man:

The Geek:

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Thank you for posting this! Side Show is one of my all time favorite shows. I saw it on Broadway in 1997 and in several regional productions. I'm going to see it at the Kennedy Center next summer.
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This is WONDERFUL. It's a damn shame this site isn't more like AICN for theatre. I think the last article about theatre concerned Wicked.

Thanks for sharing, I loved the renderings. I hope "Very Well Connected" isn't a pun...
Wicked Article
is anyone else worried about all the changes made and new plot lines added? I hope they are all good, but right now from reading this it seems like the story is will no longer just be about daisy and violet and more about the freaks . I hope i am wrong.......I hope the tunnel of love is still in show!!! what do you guys think?
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I believe that "Tunnel of Love" has been cut.
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I saw the original and to this day still love the album.

Interesting that they are bringing in other 'freaks' - just hope it doesn't distract from Daisy and Violet.

Seriously looking forward to this at the Kennedy Center!!
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finebydesign, I think they also did a piece on The Book of Mormon before it opened.
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I have my tickets and will be seeing it in December.... really looking forward to it.
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The original had other freaks as well, including reptile man and the geek. They appear in the first number and through until the girls leave the freak show.
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Anybody going tonight?
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I believe that "Tunnel of Love" has been cut.

Yay! I hope they cut or replaced Devil You Know as well. Those were the two worst offenders in the original score.
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From another Side Show thread - This has Devil You Know - but, this was five years ago!

From all that chat: The song list from the 2008 reading

Act One

Come Look at the Freaks
Happy Birthday
I’m Daisy, I’m Violet
Like Everyone Else
Very Well-Connected
Say Goodbye to the Side Show (Preprise)
The Devil You Know
Typical Girls Next Door
Our Whole Life Has Been A Show
I’ve Had Enough of Your Complaining
The Doctors
All in the Mind
Auntie and Sir
These Weeks We’ve Spent Together
Feelings You’ve Got to Hide
The Trial
Say Goodbye to the Side Show
Brother Brother
Ready to Play
Meant to Sing
Buddy Kissed Me
Who Will Love Me As I Am?

Act Two

Stuck With You (Part I)
Leave Me Alone
Stuck With You (Part II)
New Year’s Eve
Auld Lang Syne
Private Conversation
One Plus One Equals Three
Side Show
Buddy’s Jitters
Perfect Solution
You Should Be Loved
A Beautiful Day for a Wedding
Jake’s Farewell
Buddy’s Confession
Marry Me, Terry
I Will Never Leave You
The Freaks Return
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Another fantastic article from AICN!

I'm so happy the show is getting this much exposure!

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Dave: If anything, I think the show has gotten much richer in every possible way. I think what Bill's brought to it is amazing. He has a good eye for this sort of thing. He's keeping it kind of dark, but the characters are very appealing. Like in the film FREAKS, our freaks are very appealing, and that's what I like about it. I'm more on the side of the freaks and geeks and monsters usually. I just like that whole area. So it was wonderful to go down there, meet the actors, and the next minute they're wearing all of our stuff and they are those characters. If anything, I think there's more of that stuff in this show. One of the first things we said was that we wanted to get a lot of the original characters from FREAKS in it. In the one that we're doing now, I would say that there is a good amount of them in, but I hope we get to add to them [in the Kennedy Center production next year]. It would be nice to get Johnny Eck in there and Prince Randian and the Stork Woman and all of those sorts of things. I'm hoping that we get to add to our menagerie of freaks as time goes on.

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Oh wow I love the designs! Anybody going to tonight?

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