Receiving playbill back without including postage?

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I really want to send requests for playbills to a few different shows, and I'm also sending my Drood playbill to Stephanie J Block and asking her to autograph it. However, it is ridiculously complicated to get US stamps here in Canada. If I just include enough American money to cover the postage, do you think they'll put stamps for me? I know that when I wrote Laura Osnes, I didn't include stamps on the SASE and she sent it back like three days later but she's really nice and she wasn't sending a playbill... thoughts? Is there some magic way to get US stamps from Canada?
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I mean, it's a toss up. I personally wouldn't mail something I wasn't okay with never getting back without an SASE. It's not really fair to ask someone to purchase international postage (requiring a visit to the post office, something most New Yorkers don't LOVE doing) and mail something back to you. If you want the favor of getting your item signed and mailed back, you really should get the postage yourself. There are plenty of places you can order us postage online and I'm sure if you went to a local post office, they could easily print return postage for you. Yes, it's a hassle, but you want the favor, so you kinda have to do the work.
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They don't need to purchase Canadian postage, it's just US stamps. They need 4 of them, so I would include 3$ American in the envelope. But if I go to a post office, they will print the postage? I don't mind going, I just keep reading that I can't buy US postage in Canada.
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It can depend on the generosity of the performer. Marian Mercer once sent me a swatch of feathers from her owl coat without any return postage AT ALL!
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I would also recommend a making sure to send a stamped SASE.

While the website does not ship internationally (but Canada Post Office does!) I found this on the USPS website:
The online Postal Store currently does not provide international shipping for Postal Store products. If you wish to place an International Order, you can do so over the phone, by fax, or by mail as follows:

Mail Orders

Please send your order to:

PO BOX 7247

FAX Orders

You may FAX an order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to 1-816-545-1212.

Phone Orders

International phone orders can be placed by calling 1-816-545-1000. Customer service representatives are available as follows:

Hours of operation are 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM CST Monday - Friday, closed Saturday, Sunday,
USPS is also on eBay, shipping to Canada is $6.95 (US) here is the link to a page of ten international stamps. You only need 1 of these per envelope (up to 2 ounces, each additional ounce is an extra $0.45).

Good luck!
International stamps from USPS on ebay
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You can print a mailing label with pre-paid postage from the USPS website. And yes, they will print labels with international pre-paid postage.

Postage rates are per ounce, so you will need to use a postal scale to weigh the Playbill. Most Playbills weigh more than one ounce. If you are weighing in grams find a weight converter on the web and convert from grams to ounces and buy the appropriate amount of postage.

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