Andrea Martin disaster video

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Andrea Martin disaster video
Posted: 10/6/13 at 12:08am
Andrea Martin disaster video

My co-writer and I made a video today with Andrea Martin to promote DISASTER. I love it!
Here 'tis
AND here's my discount code for 50% off tix. Previews start Oct. 14th!
code is diseth
peace out!

Andrea Martin and DISASTER

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Andrea Martin disaster video
Posted: 10/6/13 at 12:34pm
Okay, so we now know Andrea Martin's favorite 70's song and movie, but this video does nothing to 'promote' what "Disaster" is about or explain why this new knowledge from Andrea should make us want to come see it...

"I'm seeing the LuPone in Key West later this week. I'm hoping for great vocals and some sort of insane breakdown..." - BenjaminNicholas2

Dr. Jennifer Rinaldi will live on forever. Someone get her a Tony.
Updated On: 10/6/13 at 12:34 PM
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Andrea Martin disaster video
Posted: 10/6/13 at 04:11pm
The video made me laugh and while I'm certainly not claiming to be some sort of genius, just reading the text on the still at the end filled in all those elusive details that seem so hard to grasp for some people. Then again, I have remarkable deductive reasoning skills. It's a show I would see.
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Andrea Martin disaster video
Posted: 10/6/13 at 04:56pm
Interesting that her favorite 70's song is from the 60's.
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Andrea Martin disaster video
Posted: 10/6/13 at 05:24pm
But the hit versions were both in the 70's: PPM (released in '69 but a big hit in 1970) and John Denver's own version which was popular on his TV show in the mid-70's.
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