Why Do A Lot Of New Shows Have Monday Performances Only During Previews?

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Jordan Catalano
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I'm noticing that a majority of new shows coming in, have or will have Monday night performances only during previews and then switch to the normal Tuesday-Sunday schedule. I'm just curious why this is, if anyone knows.
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Maybe so cast and crew of running shows can see it?
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It gives you more time to rehearse and make changes. If a show has a Sunday matinee, they have available rehearsal time on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday afternoon. If a show is dark Sunday, they can rehearse on Monday afternoon as well.
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Yero my Hero
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Also because a lot of shows do not do weekday matinees during previews because they are rehearsing during the day, so they add Monday evening performances to make up for the loss of revenue.
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Yes the rehearsal time is one reason for sure. But they do want to give other performers and other people from the Broadway community the opportunity to go and fill up the house..and spread the word if they show is great and give constructive feedback..and the best day to do that is Monday night."

(Lucky me I am going to see A Time to Kill in an hour because of that...)
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And I don't think it's anything new.

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