Broadway Flea Market - Poster/Autographs

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I am coming to NYC this weekend from Dallas and I planned my trip around the Flea Market.

Can anyone who has been to the market before let me know if they usually have Flea Market Posters available? I saw one/some in a couple of pictures from previous years, but I don't know if this is something they have done every year and therefore I can reasonably expect them to have again this year.

I plan to hit up the autograph table a time or two and I am bringing a couple items for a few key people to sign (book or DVD etc) but it would be too heavy to bring something for everyone or most people each hour to sign. So I hope there will be a poster or something I can purchase and have everyone at the table sign - this would be a great, unique souvenir from this trip.

I checked the BCEFA site and didn't find anything there about BCEFA sponsored items like this. Any help is much appreciated!

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Yes, they have them every year.
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Thanks for the fast answer Frogs_fan85.
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Sorry to threadjack, but I also read on a different thread about paper frames given out at the photo booth? I didn't get any the (only) year I went, so I'm wondering if they still hand them out?
I remember last year they gave those out but only to the people who had the BC/EFA volunteer take a picture with a polaroid camera.