Best Song Written for the Theatre in a Decade?

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I know we've discussed to death the best shows of the last ten years, but what about individual songs? I'm talking about 2003 forward. I'd say:

Underwater - Caroline, or Change
Lot's Wife - Caroline, or Change
When I Grow Up - Matilda
Around the World - Grey Gardens
Go Back Home - The Scottsboro Boys
I'm Alive - Next to Normal
At the Glen - Dessa Rose
The Bitch of Living - Spring Awakening

If I had to give it to one above all the others I'd probably go with Lot's Wife. Additions/subtractions?
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There were obviously no better lyrics written in this decade than "blah blah blah blah, blah blah blah"

EDIT: Apparently I'm mixing up my Spring Awakening songs. In all seriousness, I would have to say that "The Beauty Is" from Light in the Piazza would be at the top of my list. Actually, just about every song from that score would be.
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Solidarity from Billy Elliot. That song and number was one of, if not THE, most powerful things I have seen onstage. The integration and ultimate culmination of Billy learning to dance and the elevating tension of the impending miners' strike was truly breathtaking.
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"Solidarity from Billy Elliot. That song and number was one of, if not THE, most powerful things I have seen onstage."

I would argue that these choices have to be based on the song alone and must transcend its impact or "power" when staged. It must standalone on its own merits and to me this song doesn't. Perhaps on stage is does but you must remove it from that context, if I'm interpreting the somewhat vague OP.

Just a thought! It ain't worth much.
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For me, it's two songs from Grey Gardens:

Around the World
Another Winter In a Summer Town

And a song that got swallowed up in a ballad-heavy musical that didn't cause a huge stir in the end ... but I think the song itself is deeply moving:

With You - from Ghost
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This is the most depressing thread I've ever seen on broadwayworld.

Not because there aren't any fine and memorable songs written for the theatre in the last decade, some of which have been mentioned.

But because there are so damn few of them.
Someone in a Tree2
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^ Agreed.

I still contend that BILLY ELLIOTT is the best new musical of the last ten years and very little of it was due to the greatness of its songs (with the possible exception of Grandma's Song).

Here's another vote for ANOTHER WINTER IN A SUMMER TOWN, followed closely by a song from a less heralded score on this site, I'M NOT THAT GIRL.

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What about A Fine, Fine Line or I Wish I Could Go Back To College? The harmonies in the latter are absolutely beautiful.

There's also so much from Next To Normal. So Anyway, Maybe, How Could I Ever Forget?, I Am The One....

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Anyone who's followed me on here will not be surprised to hear me go to bat for "Quiet" from MATILDA or "Work the Wound" from PASSING STRANGE, but those are two of the most outstanding compositions of this decade for me. I'd also add the title song from THE LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA.

There's a lot of songs from scores I love as a whole (THE BOOK OF MORMON, AVENUE Q, IN THE HEIGHTS, etc) that don't stand out as individual compositions, and that's ok as not every song needs to, but those three I mentioned above stand head and shoulders above the fray for me.
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If I had to pick the best song in In the Heights it'd be Paciencia y Fe, but I don't think it stands up to the other songs I mentioned. I would however include Invisible from Women on the Verge. The score itself is messy but it's a gem of a song.
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If we're talking Grey Gardens, I would choose Will You.

I'm Alive is a good choice from Next to Normal.

A Fine, Fine Line from Avenue Q is good (I have a soft spot for Special, too).

I Believe from Book of Mormon?

Keys or Come Down Now from Passing Strange?

Run Freedom Run from Urinetown (was that in the past decade?).

I'm sure there are many more... although this list would in no way compare with a list from the Golden Age. They just don't write songs like that anymore.
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With You- GHOST
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I would definitely go with Another Winter In a Summer Town, too.

One song I would add to the list, not because I think it's a perfect song but because I think it's beautiful and fits into its place in the show wonderfully is I Miss the Music from Curtains.
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For pure schmaltz - "Say It Somehow" from Piazza - especially when sung by very attractive half-naked people.

Re: Run Freedom Run - URINETOWN opened on Broadway in 2001. Besides, the song sounds an awful lot like "Gonna Build a Mountain" from STOP THE WORLD...

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N2N Nate.
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"Everybody say Yeah" from Kinky Boots.
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Someone in a Tree2 -- I agree with you about "I'm Not That Girl."

It's one of the best from the past ten years.
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"Song of Purple Summer" from SPRING AWAKENING

Much of the rest of the score from SPRING AWAKENING, fwiw.

"For Now" from AVENUE Q.

Much of the score from NATASHA PIERRE AND THE GREAT COMET OF 1812.

"Hello" and "I Believe" and "Salt Lake City" from BOOK OF MORMON.
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With You - Ghost

How 'Bout A Dance - Bonnie and Clyde
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"Wanderlust" - February House
"Second Nature"- Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
"The 'I Love You' Song"- Spelling Bee
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I'm pretty partial to Come Down Now from Passing Strange, myself, but I think almost all of these are pretty spectacular choices.
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Best12bars: For me, it's two songs from Grey Gardens:

Around the World
Another Winter In a Summer Town"

Couldn't agree more!

Along with those two I would have to add Breathe from In The Heights

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The I Love You Song is a great one.
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"But because there are so damn few of them."

Really? This is the type of thread where you are going to get a gazillion of responses.

I guess it depends on your personal taste.
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~ "Underwater", for me, is one of the best songs ever written in the history of history and if this were an actual award being given out for best song in a decade, I'd put money on that winning.

~ I also think "Around the World" belongs in that same category. With the line "Around the world with stones and shells, the nicest one I lost", that makes me cry every time I hear's perfect.

~ "The I Love You Song", "Those You've Known", "Song Of Purple Summer", "Go Back Home", "Stronger", "I Was Here" also deserve mention.
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Jordan, do you mean I Was Here from The Glorious Ones? Not to split hairs, since the musical premiered in this decade, but the song was written more than ten years ago. (I think)
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Jordan Catalano
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I did mean that song, and wasn't aware that it was older than that. When was it written?