Annie rush policy

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Annie rush policy
Posted: 6/12/13 at 09:55am
Is there a lottery or a rush line? I saw different information of different websites and there seems to be nothing about it on the official website. Has anyone done it recently? Thanks!
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 6/12/13 at 10:16am
There is a rush now. It was switched from a lotto to a rush. $40 cash when the box office opens.
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 6/12/13 at 10:39am
From the official website:

General Rush: $40 (including facility fee) - A limited number of rush tickets will be available for purchase in person at the Palace Theatre box office (1564 Broadway at 47th Street) when it opens for that day's performance(s) only. There is a limit of two tickets per person. Tickets are subject to availability and may not be offered at all performances." (Click on FAQs)
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 6/12/13 at 11:09am
I did the rush during Jane's first full week in the show- I got at the box office at 2:00 and they still had rush tickets. I got two and they were the front side seats that are raised. View was AWSOME!!! Much better then the regular front row seats which are soo much lower then the stage. Nothing was missed from my view at all. They were perfect!
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 7/1/13 at 05:45pm
Are the rush seats always the raised seats on the side?

And about what time should one get there in the morning? Is this a busy rush?
Updated On: 7/1/13 at 05:45 PM
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 7/1/13 at 06:16pm
No, they are also the front row. I'm 6'3 and the stage was still high for even me. The feet are cut off. But for $40, wasn't a big deal for me. Saturday, before Tony's I got there at 9:00. I was the second person in line. Even the employees were telling me and the girl in front of me, to leave and come back at 10:00. But we were enjoying each other's conversation, so we just stayed. About 9:30, the line started growing. Can't say how many tickets they sell.
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Annie rush policy
Posted: 7/1/13 at 07:55pm
I think they sell about 18-20 seats for rush as a rule but occasionally less.

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