Making a decision to watch the Tonys this year.

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I watch every year. I don't live in New York so my opportunity to see all these shows is nil- many years (especially pre-You Tube) that 4 minute performance was all I ever knew of a show or a legendary performance.

Some years the show is disappointing; some years not so. Sometimes it's funny, some times it falls flat. Some years, everything turns out the way I thought it would- I can bitch it was predictable. Sometimes, I'm surprised by "snubs" or "upsets" and I can bitch about that. Either way I'm happy.
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There are two days that I never miss on this board..

TONY Nomination day


The day after the TONY AWARDS..

The laughs don't stop for hours...

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Joe, can I sit with you on Tony night? Once a month seems to be saving a seat for someone else.
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I wish I had "Mod" powers...

I would merge this thread to where it belongs faster than you could say, "Matilda for the win!"

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i will of course be watching the TONYS...the best show on tv...although i am furious the BETTE MIDLER did not get a nomination...maybe she should have gotten off that damned couch!...

love you BETTE!
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The two years that I didn't watch the Tonys (once because I *gasp* didn't care, and last year 'cause I had to work) felt incredibly odd. This year I will definitely be watching, primarily to see Pippin rack up the awards.

And I agree: Tony noms day and the day after the Tonys are the best times to read this board. :-p
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I'm making the conscious decision to watch the Tonys this year. And then I think I'll choose to be gay.
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Watching the Tonys isn't a choice. It's who I am.
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besty, love that comment.

I have worked on Tony night for the past 2 years. Taking the night off this year and watching at home, alone, with some wine and good food. It is exciting to be living here and have seen most of the nominated shows and performances.
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I'm with you, Besty!
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