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US Theatre
Posted: 4/5/13 at 08:33am
The problems is that no producer is a risk taker these days what happened to producing musicals like A Chorus Line that are original . The Producers think that everything has to be popular very popular to bring the masses. I just wish that something more edgy or original and new song writers can make it to broadway there should be a foundation to help new writers break on to Broadway too bad the US government does not regards the arts as important as the UK and thats why arts is not so original in the USA. do we really need another war for oil rather than fund the arts and help the creators of musicals actually succeed rather than have producers take all the buck why isn't the government producing with a Lotto or tax to help new theatre come alive.
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Posted: 4/5/13 at 08:46am
....but the world goes 'round
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Posted: 4/5/13 at 09:31am
Odd indeed. Especially since that thread apparently was deleted. At a minimum, both posters went to the same school of (non) punctuation.
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Posted: 4/5/13 at 10:09am
Often when commenting on the lack of original musicals, writers seem to stress songwriting as if the book means nothing.

The book comes first. The bookwriter is the person who, at first, says where the songs will go and often what they will do for the story.

New songwriters are a dime a dozen compared to new bookwriters.

Suggest that foundations underwrite classes in creating libretti. Plays and musicals use different conventions.
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Posted: 4/5/13 at 12:32pm
very true. majority of the new musicals i have seen have horrible storytelling. i just saw the national tour of shrek. the concept is good but the storytelling was awful and trite. and relied to heavily on the audience's memory of the movie.

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