Broadway documentaries

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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/3/13 at 04:53pm
There seem to a lot of documentaries about Broadway/theatre coming out in the following months.

The Standbys
Broadway Idiot
Carol Channing: Larger than Life
Bob Wilson's The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic
Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present
Broadway: Beyond the Golden age
The Needs of Kim Stanley

I've seen the Abramovic ones and the last 2 are in postproduction, but has anyone seen the first three? Are they recommended? Does anyone know if i can find them online or if there is DVD release?

Over the years i've seen many documentaries abou Broadway is there anything major i'm missing that;s not on the following list?

Like every Little Step
In the Company of Actors
Moon over Broadway
Follies In Concert
Theater of War
This So Called Disaster
Company: Original Cast Album
Broadway: The Golden Age
Broadway: The American Musical
Making of Cats
Making of Les Miserables
The Heat Is On: The Making of Miss Saigon
Recording Producers
Recording Guys and Dolls
Martin Guerre A Musical Journey
Show Business
Looking for Richard
Discovering Hamlet


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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/3/13 at 05:04pm
Carol Channing: Larger than life is beyond amazing and very inspiring you should definitely see it! I watched it on Showtime, but I think its already out on dvd and Netflix.

That list was quite impressive there are a couple I didn't even know existed. I'll totally be watching some of those. Thanks!
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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/3/13 at 05:48pm
Life After Tomorrow
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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/4/13 at 08:07am
Have you seen Broadway: The American Musical? It is a wonderful PBS documentary all about the history of theater. You can get it on Amazon I believe. I can't remember, it's either a 3 or 6 disc set. It is narrated by Julie Andrews.

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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/4/13 at 09:47am
There's also the documentary about Stritch that's been mentioned in another thread. Also, a few years ago there was a documentary about In The Heights, called Chasing Broadway Dreams. And I can't recall the name, but there was also a documentary that followed Wicked, Avenue Q, Caroline Or Change, and one other show that I can't recall at the moment.
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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/4/13 at 04:17pm
Taboo was the other show. The documentary is on youtube its called "ShowBusiness- The road to Broadway".
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Broadway documentaries
Posted: 3/4/13 at 04:21pm
There were a few ones done in Canada--Livent did ones from Toronto for their Phantom, Show Boat and Ragtime (I believe the Show Boat and Ragtime ones aired on PBS as well since they were being made for Broadway--Ragtime's is online anyway,) and Mirvish did one for Toronto's Miss Saigon I have somewhere.

The BBC last year did a cursory but pretty interesting three part docu on the history of the West End musical, if that counts.
Broadway documentaries
Posted: 2/5/14 at 01:02pm
Hi! An update on the documentary "The Standbys"... it will be having a theatrical run in New York from February 21st - 27th, 2014 at the Quad Cinemas, followed by a DVD release on February 28th!
The Standbys Official Webpage
Broadway documentaries
Posted: 2/5/14 at 02:31pm
I for get the name, but Billy Elliot has a document, maybe called Finding Billy.