Really Really - nudity?

Really Really - nudity?
Posted: 2/20/13 at 12:18pm
Hello all,

I am thinking of taking a student group to REALLY REALLY. Is there any nudity? I'm sure there will be plenty of language, but for some reason "nudity" is the big dealbreaker.

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Really Really - nudity?
Posted: 2/20/13 at 12:57pm
There's a rape that occurs, and there is some nudity (mainly backside) in that. Zosia Mamet is also topless for a brief second from the back, putting on a bra in another scene.
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Really Really - nudity?
Posted: 2/20/13 at 01:15pm
I don't think you see Zosia Mamet nude, though, she turns away from the audience.

The play, however, is pretty lousy, so I would skip it either way.
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Really Really - nudity?
Posted: 2/20/13 at 01:42pm
There is no nudity in the show. There is a rape scene which is disturbing and maybe you see a little bum.

How old are the students? Take them to Woolf or The Other Place.

This play was terrible.

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Really Really - nudity?
Posted: 2/20/13 at 07:51pm
I disagree. I found it very compelling, but as for bringing the student group, it is VERY adult material, and unless they are college students, I would not do it. Some conservative parent would be bound to try to run you out of town on a rail. But it is probably a moot point as the show is virtually sold out anyway. So yes, maybe go bore them to death with The Other Place.