Who has experience rushing a final show?

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I'm interested in rushing the final Evita in 2 weeks. Does anybody have experience rushing a final show and have suggestions of what time I should get in line? Or, are are the final shows usually sold out and should I not even bother?
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First, I would find out from the theater if they will be offering rush for the final show. I can recall several shows that pulled their rush for final performances.
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I agree with Becky, seeing if the individual show will offer rush for the final performance is the smartest thing to do.

From personal experience, I overheard audience members at the closing performance of Follies who received rush tickets. They got to the box office extremely early in order to secure their tickets, though, so if you're willing to make that sacrifice of time, it may work out for you.
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Early. at least an hour or two earlier than you would have gone on a normal day
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I rushed the final performance of "Follies" with a friend.

For the Sunday performance, we arrived at 7:30 and were third and fourth in line (first person said she arrived at 4am). We probably could've gotten there an hour later and definitely get tickets, but the crowd started picking up at around 9. I had checked Ticketmaster the night before to see how well it was selling and there were only about seventy tickets left. I did bring a coupon code with me just in case rush was a dud. Luckily, it wasn't and we got seats in the mezz. Not sure how many people were able to get rush (by the time the box office opened there were about fifty people in line).

I echo what the above posters said with trying to ask the box office beforehand. Good luck!
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Does anybody camp overnight for anything in new york? In London at the last Wicked cast change people turned up to camp 6 days before the show!
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Wow, days? That is insane! I literally cannot imagine a performance that I would want to see that badly.
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For those of us unfamiliar with the lingo, could you explain the term "rush"?
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Sure, when you rush a show, you get to the theatre before the performance the day of to get discounted tickets. Most of the time it's in the morning before the box offices, but some shows have rush a few hours before curtain. Some rushes are only for students, some rushes are for the general public. Not all shows have a rush policy, some have a lottery system. This website should help.

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