Will we see a new Boublil and Schonberg musical?

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With the success of the film, and a potential film version of Miss Saigon in the works, is there any word or rumor of a new B&S musical? Hate me if you like, but I thought the score for both Martin Guerre and Pirate Queen had some very beautiful moments, and even Schonberg's ballets have gorgeous moments musically.

So, what do you think the chances are of them writing a new show in the next few years? If there are rumors, anyone know the subject matter?
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I like the score to Martin Guerre quite a lot. The London production was good, but could have been stronger. If they didn't throw out the baby with the bath water during the rewrites, it might have made it to the US. But the changes were radical and radically awful.
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I don't see why they couldn't- all they need is to write seven new melodies and then just mash them into each other enough times!

I kid, I kid. I love Les Miserables, and to a lesser degree Miss Saigon. Couldn't get into Martin Guerre or Pirate Queen though.
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boubil and schonberg have also collaborated with michel legrand in the musical "marguerite" which premiered at the westend in 2008. it got olivier nominations for actress ruthie henshall, actor alexander hanson and for its set design.

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Marguerite seems such an odd mix of writers to me--what exactly did Shoenberg do since he wasn't writing the music? And why oh why couldn't they have chosen a better English lyricist than Kretzmer (who, ever since his extremely mediocre work on Les Miz seems to be the go to guy for any lyrics for a musical that need to be translated). Still, despite a story that verges on being silly, so much of Legrand's music is absolutely gorgeous.

I've yet to hear any of Shoenberg's ballets--and didn't know any had been recorded. He did one of Wuthering Heights, right?
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They're bankable composers. I don't see why none of their other stuff really took off. I think Pirate Queen had some great moments. Sad to see that not even the regional theaters will touch it.

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