what is the most overrated musical of all time

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The responses to my (completely false) reply to the OP's thread and newintown's opinion of Les Miserables proves my point.

Some people on this board are not interested in reading other peoples opinion so much as they are looking for someone to agree with and vindicate their likes and dislikes. WHATEVER.

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As long as you lead,Wynbish.
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"Some people on this board are not interested in reading other peoples opinion so much as they are looking for someone to agree with and vindicate their likes and dislikes. WHATEVER."

And some people are here to egg them on. Isn't that right?
Isn't the Lion King aimed at Kids?
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I agree with "The Producers" and would add "Avenue Q" and "Spamalot".
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reNt, what a clusterf**k of a show.

The Lion King, stunning opening and that's about all. Thirty minutes in you just wanna slap that little kid off the stage.
Well I didn't want to get into it, but he's a Satanist. Every full moon he sacrifices 4 puppies to the Dark Lord and smears their blood on his paino. This should help you understand the score for Wicked a little bit more. Tazber's: Reply to Is Stephen Schwartz a Practicing Christian
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Newintown, is your central thesis that shows with rock-based or rock-inspired scores have tended to be self-inflated by the "currentness" of the sheer IDEA of rock in theatre and thus tend to get lazy, or that "rock" is utterly incompatible with theatre by their very contradictory natures?
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I don't think either is my thesis. "Rock," as I've noted before, is a style of arrangement, not an inherent form of music. But many people, from an overwhelming desire to be connected to the mainstream, profess to love anything that they're told is "contemporary."

Many shows with "rock" scores would be totally ignored if scored for a more traditional pit orchestra, although the music itself (the basic composition) and lyrics were exactly the same.
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Once. Oh god, by a mile. What a pretentious piece of boring tripe. I've never felt so ripped off. I didn't feel like a single moment of it justified a top ticket price of over 100$.
"Get mad, then get over it." - Colin Powell
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Hello, Dolly; Mame; and Man of La Mancha -- all three very much products of their times (the mid 1960s) and none of them have aged well -- it would take a genius director and choreographer to make any of them work on Broadway today.
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Next to Normal!!!!!
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A tie between Annie and Cats
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Phantom of the Opera. So dull. I don't get it.
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I feel the following musicals are overrated: Phantom, The Producers, BOM(Big time overrated), Wicked(although, it's one of the best musicals of the millenium it's selling out way more than it should). If Wicked opened back in the days when really great musicals opened on Broadway I doubt it would be the sell out that it is today.

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It is impossible for me to imagine Wicked opening "back in the days when really great musicals opened" because its style is so unlike anything of the time....
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Phantom of the Opera is one of the worst things I've ever seen in my life. How this mess is still running is beyond me, but, hey, it's giving lots of performers jobs.

Mamma Mia is just... UGGGHHH! Hate the show, hate the movie. Awful.

Oklahoma is another one I never cared for. I understand the historical significance and everything, but it never really thrilled me that much. Lovely score, but the plot is pretty dull and that dream ballet serves no purpose to the story whatsoever. We just saw the first act. We don't need to see it again as a 20 minute interpretive dance.
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CarlosAlberto, everyone likes their opinion the best. That's why it's theirs.
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The Producers
The Book of Mormon

And yes, I love comedies. My hand basket is bedazzled and ready to go.
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You listed Spamalot, yet your username is "Brave Sir Robin 2"?
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I saw the show when I was younger and joined the board pretty soon after I first saw it. Saw another production recently - just doesn't hold up.
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This falls into two camps for me the most overrated in terms of commercial hype and they hype that happens here on the boards where rabid fans gush and gush and gush about a show. We here can just as bad as commercial hype. For the Former, I'd have to join in the Spamalot camp. I saw it here in Chicago before it transferred and while I found it very funny I was really perplexed by the awards it got. What is the most overrated show in the theater community? That for me would be Follies. It's talked up by the fans with so fervor much that, for me, it was such a... meh.... show when I saw it. Sometimes we here let our passion blind us to not see any flaws in shows we love.

Shows that DID live up to the hype. Ih the commercial sense, Avenue Q. It was hands down the most I've ever laughed in a show and I loved it. Most hyped community show that was as good? Grey Gardens. Still an amazing piece of theater that I am so proud to have gotten to see.
Phantom of the Opera- SO SO little heart (really, which character does one care about or route for?)
Aspects of Love-Aspects of total boredom.
The Producers-You need STRONG leads, failing that-show sucks.
Fame the musical-Just just........awful.
Wicked-unless you are a 14 year girl, then it's like: Awesome!!!!!
Meet me in St. Louis-I was hoping the trolley would lose control and jump from the stage onto me to put me out of my misery.
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I am in agreement with BOM. I just don't get that show.
but producers takes the cake for me. I left after act 1. It was horrible. Then i had to sit through the whole thing with some business clients 2 years later and it got even worse in act 2.
I know it's sacrilege but I've got to go with "Gypsy".
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I recognize that my view is skewed by a college housemate played the original cast recording beyond incessantly but I feel towards Annie and Sandy the way the Wicked Witch felt about Dorothy and Toto.
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Wicked by a mile, followed by Rent.

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