Thank you BWW posters

AEA Stage Manager
Thank you BWW posters
Posted: 1/1/13 at 05:08pm
For years now I have read the Broadway Message boards religiously every day. You all have brought so much laughter into my life. Whenever I am having a bad rehearsal day, bad tech or crappy performance (yup all I do is theatre 24/7 I am one of those lucky bitches that makes a living at it), I know I can just log on to BWW and smile. As this New Year starts I just wanted to say, “Thank you”. I look forward to many more years of smiles!
Broadway Legend
Thank you BWW posters
Posted: 1/1/13 at 07:13pm
I second this sentiment. I don't post a lot, but I ALWAYS enjoy reading what everyone has to say. I can't tell you how many times you have all made me smile when I was having a bad day.
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Broadway Legend
Thank you BWW posters
Posted: 1/1/13 at 07:36pm