Scarlett's salary.

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Chicago Star
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/11/12 at 09:45pm
Anyone else read this today? She's set to make a pretty penny or two...
Scarlett's salary
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/11/12 at 10:00pm
Please don't link to Perez Hilton without putting a warning.

Thanks in advance.
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Mr Roxy
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/11/12 at 10:01pm
Gee whizz. I wonder if this may have anything to do with what will be ridiculous ticket prices ala Pacino in Glengarry.

Who cares anymore. It went beyond ridiculous awhile ago.They went beyond reality a long time ago.
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/11/12 at 10:06pm
If people are paying for it, then it clearly is reality.
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/11/12 at 10:36pm
40,000 per week + a percentage of box office isn't the worst we've ever seen in terms of B'way star salaries. Lane and Broderick made $100,000 a week each for The Producers return engagement, and Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig made something like $120,000 per week for STEADY RAIN. Pacino is currently making $125,000 per week + 5% box office, and Tom Hanks is said to be getting a similar number for Lucky Guy.
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Scarlett's salary.
Posted: 12/13/12 at 05:02pm
Scarlet O'Hara was paid?

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