Ann Dowd performances ??

Ann Dowd performances ??
Posted: 12/9/12 at 08:06am
Ann Dowd is one of the big Oscar contenders this year for Best Supporting Actress in 'Compliance' and I know she's done a lot of theatre work also.

Was wondering if anyone has seen her perform live and had any thoughts to share. I hope she get's nominated

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Ann Dowd performances ??
Posted: 12/9/12 at 09:00am
She was terrific as Polina in Ian Rickson's Broadway production of The Seagull in late 2008. I know she was also in The New Group's Blood From A Stone more recently, but I did not see it.

I became aware of her when she co-starred in the mid-90s TV series Nothing Sacred. She was just wonderful on this underrated series, which is well worth looking up on netflix if it's available.

It made me very happy to see her receive acknowledgment for her performance in Compliance.
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Ann Dowd performances ??
Posted: 1/18/13 at 12:09am
She was very good in THE SEAGULL.

She was robbed for COMPLIANCE. There were no teary scenes, no big speeches...nothing to let the stupid Academy know that they were watching a fully realized performance.

Her last scene in COMPLIANCE is all about damn near perfect acting. Not ACTING!!!!!!!!! a la Hathaway...I'm talkin' real acting.
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Ann Dowd performances ??
Posted: 1/18/13 at 11:17am
I saw her many times in Chicago in the '80's - including memorable performances in Kennedy's Children and The Normal Heart. It's a shame that the acting nominations are limited to 5 - and in my opinion it was a leading performance, not supporting in any way.
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Ann Dowd performances ??
Posted: 1/18/13 at 11:32am
Loved her "Gorgeous flowers. Give me those flowers" in The Seagull. It was like a one act play in about 15 seconds of stage time.
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