Lady Of The Lake

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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 03:31pm
I've just been listening to the OBCR of Spamalot and am adoring Sara Ramirez! Just curios to know what people thought of her in the show and the Lady's of The Lake that later followed her? I thought Hannah Waddingham, who I got to see in London, was fantastic.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 03:36pm
Transcendental. One of the most magical performances I've ever seen.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 03:38pm
I saw her understudy...who was absolutely dreadful.
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Jordan Catalano
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 03:38pm
Eh. An underwritten role that was only slightly better than the rest of the unfunny, boring mess of a show.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 05:10pm
Sara rose above the material and gave a master class in comedic performance. She was just hysterical and gave one of those "out of nowhere" performances where she eclipsed her much more well-known costars by an extraordinarily large margin. She really was a knockout vocally as well. The part is pretty crappy, but she spun it into musical comedy gold. I really hope she comes back to the NY stage soon.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 05:20pm
Hannah Waddingham was incredible in the London show.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 08:35pm
I like to think that the Lady of the Lake was intentionally an underwritten role to make Diva's Lament even more meta than it is isolated from the show. Regardless of the cause, Sara Ramirez managed to turn it into a great showcase. She was the standout performer in the cast and she only had two big scenes.

I thought her best moment was in Find Your Grail. That's when she actually shared the stage with the knights and King Arthur and I couldn't take my eyes off her.

The role clicked for Ramirez and she brought out so much more than she had to to serve her narrative and comedic purposes in the show. I was lukewarm on the musical but actually went back a second time just to see Ramirez play the Lady of the Lake again.
Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 10:16pm
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/20/12 at 10:34pm
Actually, it was only "underwritten" because they cut tow of her songs from Act I.

I saw the show in Chicago when she still had the Witch song (the whole scene was cut)and the cow song (in which she appeared in a cow-patterned evening gown and did a torch song about what the cow was feeling while being catapulted to it's death). So, as originally written, she had a ton of stuff in Act I, makine the Diva's Lament make more sense.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/21/12 at 12:07am
That part takes a certain kind of actress. Lauren Kennedy didn't "have it" - Lady of the Lake was forgettable when she was in it.
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Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/21/12 at 08:19am
Ms. Ramirez stole the show IMO !!!
Lady Of The Lake
Posted: 11/21/12 at 09:07pm
I thought she was amazing and hilarious. When it came to "Diva's Lament", that's where I lost it with her performance. LOVED her.

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