The Performers

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"Performers" Stage Door
Posted: 11/14/12 at 12:10am
Sorry to be that poster, but I really want to meet Daniel Breaker after "The Performers" and have him sign my "Passing Strange" DVD insert, and was wondering if the SD is usually a crazy mob scene due to high-profile cast members. I'm commuting from Boston to see the show (and several others) and don't want to pack anything that I won't use--and I can't stand crazy stage door fans.

Jordan Catalano
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The Performers
Posted: 11/14/12 at 12:16am
In Sunday's matinee there were maybe 25-30 people there. Everyone was extremely nice and seemed to sign anything put in front of them.
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The Performers
Posted: 11/15/12 at 09:01am
I saw it the first preview, and again the first Saturday night. Both shows were a bit of a madhouse. Breaker was the last cast member to come out tho. Winkler was still signing, but most of the crowd had dispersed so it was a little easier to talk to Breaker at that point