If you LOVE showtunes, then I'd LOVE your help!

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Hello lovely fellow fans! I'm the host of a weekly one-hour radio show which features the fabulous glorious music of the American stage and screen musical. I'll play almost anything including traditional showtunes, vaudeville hits, operettas, Disney--even Labyrinth, BUT only if it fits my weekly theme.

After 6.5 years, I need YOUR help coming up with new themes and playlists!

THIS WEEK'S THEME: Send Me A Soprano. Tell me who your favorite Broadway sopranos are and what song I should play by them!

Thanks bunches and have fun! :)
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Victoria Clark, Fable in LitP.

Nothing else compares.
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Does it have to exclusively be American?
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Bea Arthur in the Threepenny Opera
IMHO I see Queenie as being more of a brunette...
After Eight
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Julie Andrews- I Could Have Danced All Night (My Fair Lady), The Simple Joys of Maidenhood (Camelot)
Sally Ann Howes- What Happened to Me Tonight? (KwamIna)
Edie Adams- A Little Bit in Love (Wonderful Town)
Wynne Miller- Tommy, Tommy (Tenderloin)
Jacqueline Mayro- Surprise (Oh, Captain!)
Mimi Benzell- That Was Yesterday (Milk and Honey)
Anna Maria Alberghetti- Mira (Carnival)

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When it comes to sopranos, there's Barbara Cook, and then there's everybody else. You can't go wrong with anything by her, but I guess Glitter And Be Gay would be my first suggestion.
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Phantom of the Opera, if you don't mind some baritone too.
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Barbara Cook, of course, but I would play "Magic Moment" from THE GAY LIFE.
Anna Maria Alberghetti singing "Mira" or "Yes My Heart" from CARNIVAL!
Lee Venora's breathtaking "Willow Song" from KEAN
Doretta Morrow singing "Baubles, Bangles etc" from KISMET or "My lord and Master" from THE KING AND I
Angela Lansbury doing "And I was Beautiful" from DEAR WORLD
Dorothy Collins' "In Buddy's Eyes" from FOLLIES
Diahann Carroll doing "Sleepin' Bee" in HOUSE OF FLOWERS
Betty Comden singing her own words in "Some Other Time" from ON THE TOWN
Edie Adams doing "A Little Bit in Love" from WONDERFUL TOWN
Audra McDonald's "Love Don't Turn Away" or "Old Maid" in 110 IN THE SHADE
Dawn Upshaw singing "I Wish It So" from JUNO on her album of the same name
Jo Sullivan doing "Somebody Somewhere" in THE MOST HAPPY FELLA"
Mary Martin's "Speak Low" or "That's Him" in ONE TOUCH OF VENUS
Oh, yeah, let's finish with the amazing Ms.Cook (whose 85th birthday concert is this week at Carnegie Hall" singing "Chain of Love" in THE GRASS HARP

Need more?
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Uh, do you mean 'legit' sopranos or mezzos? (There are two types)

That said:

Kristin Chenoweth: "I Couldn't Be Happier" from "Wicked" (I am not her biggest fan but that last note convinced me she was terrific)
Ashley Brown-anything she has out there-a gorgeous clarion of a voice
Christiane Noll-Her numbers from 'Jekyll and Hyde' and if you can get a copy of "Back to Before" from the Ragtime revival are stunning
Christine Andreas-Her songs from Oklahoma are fabulous (Christine Ebersole, another soprano, is very good as Ado Annie)
Barbara Cook-The Music Man-it was incredible to listen to (still is!)
Rosalind Elias and Leah Horowitz-One More Kiss from the revival of Follies-absolutely sublime (this might be one time I prefer the revival rendition)
Melissa Errico-I love her voice-she has an album out there called Le Grand Affair. Listen to it!
Renee Fleming-has an album of Broadway music, including a lovely rendition of "Moonfall" from "Drood" and "All the Wasted Time" from "Parade" (She has another album with Domingo where she gives a lovely rendition of "Somewhere".)

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Kelli O'Hara-The Beauty Is from "Piazza" or Sarah Brightman-Anything But Lonely from "Aspects of Love".

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Barbara Cook "Chain of Love" from THE GRASS HARP
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No, not at all! I'm sorry if that was unclear--I totally play musicals from other countries! :)

You all have lots of great ideas! THANKS! :)
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You could fufill this list just with sopranos from the 50s, but I will put a word in for the lovely Patti Cohenour and her killer work as Rosa Budd in drood.
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Where can we hear this show?
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Wow, Wilmington! Yes! Cook's Chain of Love.

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Some of these are more mezzos, really, but they all have good control over their soprano ranges.

Madeline Kahn: "The Golden Ram" from Two By Two, "Never" and "Veronique" from On The Twentieth Century, "Crown Me" from Promenade.

Jean Stapleton -"Salzburg" from Bells Are Ringing.

Ruth Kobart - "Dirty Old Man" from Forum.

Joan Diener - any of her weird stuff from Kismet, Man of La Mancha, Cry For Us All, etc.

Victoria Mallory - "Soon" from A Little Night Music.

M. O'Haughey - "A Little Bit of Good" from Chicago.

Sarah Rice - "Green Finch and Linnet Bird" from Sweeney Todd.
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Rebecca Luker - "How Could I Ever Know" from THE SECRET GARDEN

Kelly O'Hara - the title song from LIGHT IN THE PIAZZA

Not from the stage version - but I love Shirley Jones in CAROUSEL ("If I Loved You" or "What's the Use of Wond'rin'")

Audra McDonald - "Your Daddy's Son" from RAGTIME

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Hello lovelies! I'm back again to ask for your fabulous help! I should explain for those of you who've asked about tuning in, that I use my own name on air and so am uncertain whether or not having you all tune in would be wise in a security sense. But don't think that I'm ungrateful for your help bc I am really very beholden to you!

THIS WEEK'S THEME: Broadway Rocks! Rock Operas/Musicals, Jukebox musicals, rock numbers in musical shows, etc. This means music from Memphis, Chess, Jesus Christ Superstar, Rock of Ages, Tommy, etc.

Have fun and thanks again!!!
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OK...that makes no sense. You use your name on a public radio show that I hope has more listeners than the people that read this thread, but you won't reveal your name/radio show here for SECURITY reasons? The only "security" you are worried about is that it become known that you solicit outside help. (Which is nothing to be concerned with: who doesn't research and ask for help? )

I'd think that the more listeners you had the happier you'd be.
If we're not having fun, then why are we doing it? These are DISCUSSION boards, not mutual admiration boards. Discussion only occurs when we are willing to hear what others are thinking, regardless of whether it is alignment to our own thoughts.
Deena Jones
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Yes, to Patti Cohenour!!! LOVE
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The best three American rock musicals: NEXT TO NORMAL, HAIR, HEDWIG.
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Isabel's a Jezebel!
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If you don't want to help, then don't. As far as I'm concerned there is nothing in this query that requires ugliness. You may run your radio show as you see fit.
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This week's theme is Carpe Diem--songs that inspire you to go out and live for today. So this means "Sieze the Day" and "Once In A Lifetime", "Vivez", and what else?

Thanks bunches ye geniuses! :)
"Seize the Day" [Newsies] is a good one.
I also like "Here I Come" [13], "This is the Moment" [Jekyll & Hyde], "Before The Parade Passes By" [Hello Dolly!], and "Finale B" (No Day But Today) [RENT].

I just want to say I love the fact that you have a Broadway station and the fact that you are (to some extent) letting us "common folk" give songs suggestions.
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You're not at all common! And two heads are better than one! Thanks for your great suggestions!