LuPone at 54 Below-

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Does anyone have a set list from Patti's 54 Below shows? I looked on the board but couldn't find one. I'm just wondering if she still performs Bette Midler's old Piaf parody number "I Regret Everything!"
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LuPone at 54 Below-
Posted: 10/16/12 at 02:27pm
Yes, she does!

Her set list from her initial engagement (I'm not sure if anything changed when she returned last month) was:

Gypsy in My Soul
Night Life
Bilbao Song
Faraway Places
Black Market
Come to the Supermarket (In Old Peking)
I Wanna Be Around
Sailor's Tango/I Cover the Waterfront/Pirate Jenny
By the Sea
I Regret Everything
Hymn to Love
Traveling Light
Nights on Broadway
[tweeted encore]
September Song
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LuPone at 54 Below-
Posted: 10/16/12 at 04:44pm
I never knew that was a Midler number!
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LuPone at 54 Below-
Posted: 10/16/12 at 09:42pm
She did it on her Kiss my Brass tour. It was written by, strangely enough, Bill Burnett, who is much better known as the creator of ChalkZone.